11 Signs You Are Way Too Obsessed With Your Weight!

That need to look good, haunts us every second; especially when we have certain parameters of beauty. We have bollywood celebs who are making us more jealous with those perfect bods and flat bellies. We are so much in awe of that figure that we become too obsessed with our weight. If you too think the same way and relate yourself with these signs, then you are in the category of people obsessed with their weight.

  1. When you watch your daily intakes and are too concerned about your eating habits.


  1. When you skip meals and check the ingredients of the food product before eating.


  1. When workout is your top priority and you do not miss any chance to work out.


  1. If you begin to focus too strongly on how fat one part of your body is; especially even when that body part falls within normal size range.


  1. You have tricks to avoid meal; you use dialogues like “Arey maine bahar kha lia tha khana, ab bhookh nhi hai.”


  1. Your list of “food items not to eat” is more longer than “the food items to eat”.


  1. When you checkout everybody for their size and physique. You fantasize skinny pics and people.


  1. You love your selfie more than yourself. You love to cherish how many likes you are getting on your picture.


  1. You bring your own salad dressing. And subway’s salad is your favorite.


  1. You feel more lovable when you are thin. You believe thinness will solve your problems.  


  1. You keep on checking your weight every now and then. Even slightest of loss in weight cheer you up.


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