8 Things to understand if you have never been in a relationship

You must have been used to hearing “how is this even possible?” your friends gossiping that you must be lying. But you know the truth. You are single since the time you landed on this planet earth. You are too awesome to tie yourself into a relationship.

  1. It is okay to be single

It is completely a persons’ choice to be single or in a relationship. One should not fall in peer pressure and opt for a relationship.

  1. Relationships are not all about fights

We generally perceive that there comes a phase in relationship where everything leads to fights and arguments. It depends on how you carry your relationship. How you manage the fights and arguments. You can have a fight and just kiss and make up for it.

  1. Relationships are not all about love

It is not only about love. We have seen couples all lovey-dovey and drowned in love but it takes a lot of understanding, care and maturity to harvest a relationship and take it in a right direction. Few wrong decisions can hamper your relationship.

  1. Long distance relationships too can work

It is considered that it is hard to balance long distance relationships. Yes, it takes an extra effort and a lot of patience but that patience is worth a shot. It adds more of love and romance to ones relationship.

  1. Go for a relationship when in love

Do not go for a relationship because others are having a boyfriend or others are making a fun of you. Go for a relationship when you are sure that what you feel is love. Relationships are not based on hit and trial method. Your trial can be a serious affair for other one involved.

  1. Do not be opinioned about relationship

Do not think that all relationships are about acting like husband wife. Relationships are fun where you can role play and be a child as well. It all depends upon you and your partner that how you prefer being in a relationship. Whether you want it to be fun or a journey of restrictions!!

  1. Guard your heart but think free

Do not just bind yourself not to be in a relationship. Guard your heart, do not let anybody have fun at your expenses but still at the same time be free, think free. Try to understand people and flirt. There is no harm in healthy flirting.

  1. Understand what you want from a relationship

Identify and know what you expect from a relationship. Start with small things rather than looking out for big ones. Learn when to hold and when to let go.

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