13 Amazing Skills Every Girl Has In Her Blood!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have our natural abilities and hidden skills, but we girls are blessed with a set of some special skills. These are some common special skills we all are blessed with and we should be grateful to have these added advantages over man. We are no less than a superwoman because we are great at multitasking, remembering everything and many more things. Here are 13 amazing skills every girl has in her blood.

  1. The multitaskers

We can think about what to wear, what to eat, where to go while working on our office project. We are a pro at multitasking and brainstorming our heads.


  1. The hidden cloner

We get turned on without even anybody realizing it. Guys got to be very jealous of us.

  1. Looking interested even when we are not interested in the conversation

Not every conversation is that important to hold our attention.

  1. Our smile can make things beautiful

A smile and we are ready to conquer the world. We can impress anyone with our smile.


  1. Knowing all the latest gossips

We go to the washroom together or stay with our girls for a reason!

  1. Supporting our breasts without being noticed

Walking down the stairs can be a mess else ways.

  1. Multiple orgasms

Woah!! Who will not love it?


  1. Adjusting our undies without touching it

A little of the stretch of leg here and there and we are done.

  1. Packing new outfits in just one bag

Though this is unjust, but we twist and roll and we have it all in one bag.

  1. Shopping is happiness

Shopping is like a therapy.


  1. Surviving bleed for a week in a month

We have a great stamina to bleed for 60 days in a month and still survive.

  1. A perfect position to reduce cramps and leakages

We all have our cozy perfect position as a savior in those days.

  1. Walking in heels

No, there are no teaching classes regarding how to walk in heels.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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