20 Signs That Help You Realize… You Are In LOVE!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sometimes, we are in a situation where we are utterly confused if what we feel is love or just care and attraction. We fail to acknowledge our feelings. It is never easy to admit that we are in love and we have actually found the guy we wish to spend the rest of our life with. But, you got to accept your feelings girl because your world will seem more beautiful then. Here are 20 signs that help you realize that you are in love.

  1. You understand the lyrics

All of a sudden, all those cheesy love songs have started to make sense to you.


  1. Kiss and hugs selfies

Earlier you used to make your eyes roll whenever you happen to see any kissing or hugging selfie of couples, but now you feel tempted to pose the same with your love.

  1. For you, he is perfect

We all have flaws. You were sure those little flaws in this man would start to annoy you after a while. But, surprisingly they do not annoy you because, girl, you have fallen hard!

  1. He is on your mind always

If you find it hard to go without thinking about them, then you are in love.


  1. You empathize

If you feel sad when he is sad and you are happy when he is happy, then you are in love because it is common to share emotions when you are in love.

  1. You think about babies

You have used those face morphing apps that morph your faces together to see what your baby would look like. Once in a while, the thought of having his babies comes to your mind.

  1. You love his company

If you prefer to spend time with him rather than with your friends, then you are in love.


  1. Your fights do not lead to break up

You can have arguments and even huge fights, but those do not let you assume that it is time to call things off.

  1. You are comfortable with your appearance

You do not feel obliged to make efforts with your appearance. You are comfortable wearing no makeup and your sweatpants when he is around.

  1. Your ex? Who?

When you are in love, you are not even concerned about what your ex is doing.


  1. You learn to compromise

When you are in love, you are ready to compromise on several grounds. You know love is a two-way street.

  1. You cannot stop talking about him

Your friend might be talking about anything, but you will always manage to mention your partner in the conversation.

  1. You have nicknames

If you have cute nicknames for each other, you are in love.


  1. You feel better

When you are in love, the person makes you feel better about yourself.

  1. You get childish

When he is around, you act like a child. You do silly stupid things to make each other laugh.

  1. Change in priorities

When you are in love, your priorities change. You reschedule your hobbies so that you can spend more time with the one you love.


  1. Things go unexpected way

If the person you are with is nothing like the guy you wanted to be with, but for some reason, things are working great between you two, then you are in love.

  1. You have changed perception

They have a big role in your changed perception. You might be out of those who never believed in love, the only thing that changed your mind is true love.

  1. You can buy gifts easily

Since you know them inside out, you do not find it hard to buy gifts for him.

  1. Trust

A relationship is based on trust. So, if you trust him blindly, it is because you are in love.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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