15 Things You Only Learn If You Have OLDER Sister!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having an older sister is the blessing in disguise! She supports you, teaches you so many things about love, life, and human. She is always there to celebrate your happiness and give you a shoulder to cry on when things are going wrong. You have a constant battle, but you know you have a best friend right at your doorstep. She might not allow you to steal clothes from her closet but will give to you when you need it. Here are 15 things you only learn if you have the older sister.

  1. The clothes that do not look good on you

You might find a great dress on sale and decide to try on to that. But your sister is there to tell you if that dress worth your efforts or not. She will immediately point out if the color will suit you or not, or if the dress is see through.


  1. The guy is not worth your tears

You might be dating or like a guy, but if he lied to you, cheated on you or do not pay attention to you; your sister is there to make you understand that this guy is not worth your pain and suffering and there are other guys out there. She will teach you that if a guy does not value you, he does not deserve your attention.

  1. Sharing is caring

You know you can count her to allow you wear her clothes. She is ready (maybe not always) to let you borrow her clothes and can even act as your personal stylist as well at times.

  1. The meaning of friendship

She is experienced and knows not all of your friends are there to stay in your life forever. She will teach you that you must let go of the toxic friends in order to attain success and happiness in life. She will guide you about what it means to have a healthy and long-lasting friendship.


  1. The necessary amount of makeup

She will teach you how to deal with makeup and how to handle when there is too much of it. She will help you decide when to do the lips or eyes.

  1. The constant support

No one will support you the way your older sister does. If someone messes with you, she knows how to shut them down.

  1. She will motivate you

She will be the happiest for you always and will celebrate your success but when you will feel low, she knows how to motivate you; be it directly or indirectly igniting you with her sarcastic comments.


  1. How to be a good role model

She is a good daughter, good sister and a perfect role model. She has achieved a lot on her professional ground and she will teach you how to be a good role model for others.

  1. How to be competitive in a healthy manner

You both always have a little competition with each other in every ground, whether it was dancing, volleyball or cooking classes. She will teach you how to be competitive in a healthy manner.

  1. The art to let go

Sometimes we have to let go of some things that we love. She will teach you that for the sake of your happiness it is necessary to let things go and letting go is not one bad thing.


  1. How to keep going

When you feel sad and think that things are not going to be fine, she will teach that things will soon turn bright. She will tell you that she has been there too, and she knows things will fall into place sooner or later.

  1. How to be bitchy

No one can teach you the art of bitchiness quite like your sister.

  1. The meaning of unconditional love

You might annoy the hell out of your sister, but she will stay by your side, love you and support you unconditionally.


  1. How to respect yourself

Your sister will never let you doubt yourself even in the hardest of times. She will never let you settle for anything less than what you deserve. She will teach you how to respect yourself and how this will help you gain respect from others.

  1. She will make you laugh

She can make you laugh uncontrollably. She can make you laugh so hard that your stomach ache and tears start rolling down your eyes and that is when you learn how important it is to be happy.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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