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Is He The One You Should Marry? 17 Questions To Ask Yourself!

By- Shreya Sharma

Not all relationships lead to marriage. You too have faced it, you know relationships fail and people grow out of love. We break up, move on, get into the relationship and the same process follows until we meet our one and only. Not every guy you date is your Mr. Perfect. If you are lucky enough, the guy you are dating is the one you want forever. But we all wonder how to know if the guy we are dating is the one we should get married to or not. Here are 17 questions to ask yourself to know if he is the one you should marry.

  1. Do you feel comfortable around him?

You should feel comfortable around your boyfriend. If he makes you feel uneasy in any form, he is not the one.


  1. Do you both want kids?

If your opinion over this issue does not match, then you are not meant to be together. As later, one will end up having their way while the other one will feel resentful.

  1. Do you both wish to live in the same space?

If you plan to stay here only and your man has plans to stay in some other city or country, then it will be a problem. If you do not have the same vision for future, things will be problematic.

  1. Do you trust him?

Find someone you can trust 100%. If you think he might cheat on you, you cannot be together.


  1. Is he around you whenever you need him?

If he is the right man for you, he will be by your side when and where you need him.

  1. If he treats you like an equal?

He should be ready to do the fair share of work. If he expects you to do every household chore while he sits on the couch, then he is not the one.

  1. If he respects you?

If he ill-treats you and makes you feel stupid, this is the time you dump him. There should be respect and he should make you feel special.


  1. Do you have the same notion on how to raise your child?

Agreeing on having kids is not enough; if you both have different notions of raising your child then it will be trouble in future.

  1. Can you deal with his friends and family?

When you get married, you accept his family and friends. If you cannot stand them, you should not be together.

  1. Is your relationship getting boring?

Relationships are not always excited. If you are bored of him and thinking about leaving him, then you should not be together.


  1. Do you agree on how to handle your money?

If you are the saving kind of person and he blows out his paycheck as he gets it, things will not be fine then. Financial disputes will make your relationship difficult.

  1. Do you work to resolve your fights?

Couples do have problems, but if you do not resolve fights, then it will be the problem in long run. Be with him if you both are ready to compromise.

  1. If you have a healthy sex life?

Sex is not the only thing that is important, but it definitely matters. No healthy sex life means no healthy relationship.


  1. Is he an alcoholic?

Think before marrying him if he is alcoholic or drug user. You do not want his dangerous habits to trouble you.

  1. Are you both ready for it?

Do not rush into things. If either of you is not ready for it then you should wait.

  1. Can you imagine your life with him?

Marriage is a lifelong commitment. If you cannot imagine your life with him, then why do you want to marry him?

  1. Do you love him madly?

Marry someone only if you are crazy about him, not because of money or because your parents want you to.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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