10 Things That Can Help You Relax From The Stress

We all are running behind certain things and we all are stressed because our work demands a very large part of our being. In this money-making journey, we often forget what we really want. The more we get reality checks, more stressed we become. So, ultimately, we get tangled into more stress as a result of stress. Well, there’s an age old medicine to this. Do you want to know that? The name of the medicine is “RELAX”. You just got to believe one simple thing and that is: nothing is going nowhere, everything that you need is right here, so there is no requirement of running like a mad after all these and tense your mind and body. Instead, if you follow the golden rules mentioned below, you can overcome stress very easily.

  1. Squeeze a stress ball

Want to thrash a co-worker, slam the driver, or shout on boyfriend? Well, do not be impulsive, instead, squeeze a smiley stress ball for at least ten minutes or till the time you feel the anger is still inside you. This would relieve your stress level commendably.


  1. Desserts and chocolates

Have you ever noticed the spelling of desserts? Well, it’s just stressed in jumbled words. So, next time you feel stressed and blocked somewhere, I guess you know what to do. So, start keeping chocolates in your stock and pop inside your mouth and watch stress vanishing away.


  1. Green Tea

Who said that green tea is consumed only to reduce weight? It has amazing anti-oxidants that helps relieving the stressed cells in our body. Keep various flavors of green tea in your office as well as your home.


  1. Mango for Mango People

Mango people means aam aadmi and this sultry summer produces the king of fruits that is mango at an enormous rate. Next time you witness stress in yourself, peel a mango and get swayed into its juicy flesh. It contains linalool that helps in reducing stress level.


  1. Meditation

Meditation brings calmness to mind and gives you the power to think correctly. A few minutes or hours of meditation early in the morning prepare you to face the day full of stress with a smile on your face.


  1. Count backward

This is an age old trick to deviate the mind from current state of negativity. Stress obviously negates the progress in you. Counting backward from 100 to one makes your mind focus not on stress but on perfection.


  1. Splash of Cold Water

In acute tension, go to the washroom and wash your face five to ten times with cold water and also sprinkle some amount of water on your wrist, elbow, and neck. These areas of the body are major points that says that you are in stress.


  1. Go out Alone

By staying alone you can untangle various knots of your stressed life. Because while you are alone, you actually live for yourself, and you are no body’s employee, daughter, or boyfriend at that time. And this staying alone puts yourself into a different horizon and then you feel relaxed truly.


  1. Talk it out

There are certain times when you are so entwined into tensions and challenges that you feel ashamed of yourself. Everywhere you look up to find a way out seems to show you a no entry signal. So, in such a situation, the best medicine is to talk out the problem in front of close friends. Even if they cannot offer you a solution, you would feel relaxed because now not only you but your friends are also looking for a solution.

talk it out

  1. Write it down

Whatever negative energy you have in your head and heart, be it anger, stress, jealousy, tension, fear, etc. should always be abstained from keeping inside.  So, take a notepad and a pen or your laptop and write down the problem – no worries you can also slam the person in harsh words who is stealing your peace. After a few minutes, you would feel calm and cool for sure.


It’s always in the mind. If you feel stressed, say yourself that “Oh God! Help me, I am stressed”, you would always remain like that. Help yourself out of it and say that “I am not stressed” in every breath you take. Start feeling the difference.

Skadoosh guys!

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