5 Unnamed fear everyone has!

Fear, it is something that everyone have in them. We generally hear that having a little fear inside you is important, but can we really be sure if our fear really useful to our life in anyway? Well that is really hard to tell but what we can be sure is that somewhere or the other we all get frightened to similar things ones in our lifetime and just because it is so generic we failed to name them. Here are some of them.

  1. Fear to talk to your crush

Everyone has a crush on someone else, be it a girl or a boy, a man or a woman, and it scares the hell out of you when you try or plan to establish any sort of communication with them. The most amazing about this kind of fear is that it does not have age parameter. People of all age fear to talk to their crush.


  1. Fear to fall in love with someone

Unlike the first fear it has age limit. This is the usually found in the teenagers, when they step in the world where they get in to relationship and they realize it is more than just a fling. They clichéd reaction during such times is that the person gets scared as it is new to him or her and they think they need to make a sound decision regarding it as it may be with them all their life.


  1. Fear to get lost in a new or strange place

Being social animals we have a habit of travelling to new places every now and then, but on the same time we also fear from getting lost in those places. We do not wish to get lost in a strange place where we don’t know anything about anything. That is really scary for us and therefore increases the fear in us.


  1. Fear to get killed

This may sound strange but not unfamiliar. We human being fear death a lot and always think how would it feel like to get killed by someone and get terrified by that thought.


  1. Fear to lose everything precious to you

This is a very common type of fear, where people always have the same thought all the time. They fear to lose everything precious to them, like family, money, house, cars or something else that they hold dear to them. With time as our loved ones or lovable objects increases the fear increases with it.


Well these are some of the unnamed fears out of many out there in the world that people haven’t put a name on.

Skadoosh guys!

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