10 Reasons why we hate our bestie *sometimes*!!

There is a reason why we call our bestie our BFFs. They are our better-half (pun intended) and partner in crime. We cannot go a day without talking to them. We hate the same person and at times buy same clothes. Yet we have 10 reasons to hate our bestie.

  1. When they get close to someone else

We hate it when they become too close to someone else. When they share their stories, secrets, time, clothes everything with that new person, which earlier used to be yours.

  1. If they change because of others

When they change themselves for the sake of their boyfriend or because someone misguided them. They even ignore your advice of “not to follow or change yourself.”

  1. When they neglect you

We hate them for neglecting or ignoring us because of some other person. Remember the time when you called them and they excused say “yar kal milti hu tjhse, aaj sheena k pass jana hai.”

  1. When they back-out at the last moment

You are overexcited about the night out plan, going frenzy preparing for it and at the last moment they call off the plan or backs out saying “yar aaj nhi ho paega, tabiyat sahi nhi hai or bahar jana hai or mood nhi hai”.

  1. When they make fun of our ex

We know he is an ex now, but even then you cannot make fun of him. They never loved the partner we were dating and evennn after breakup they will not stop making fun of that ex.

  1. When they drag their bf at every outing

First they drag their partners with them at every outing and then force them on us and all we are left with are those awkward formal smiles.

  1. When they talk to someone you hate

Though we hate same people yet there are certain people, you prefer talking with; whom I hate and we are totally clueless regarding the reason of so much love.

  1. When you cannot stay mad at them for long

Even after they will get on your nerves, they will come to you and convince you that they cannot live without you, making you smile. Even at times you yourself cannot stay mad as you need to gossip with them about stuffs.

  1. When they put invalid restrictions on you

This is the time when they get on your nerves, fighting and arguing with you over same thing again and again. Asking you to quit talking with someone. Or fighting over your boyfriend, whom they can never like.

  1. When you have to always pay for their food

When they are too hungry and broke, you have to rescue them. And this grows out to be a habit for them. They look at you with those glistening, miserable eyes and you are left with no other option than to pay for their food.

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