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12 Pet Peeves That Just Make Us More Irritated!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have our own set of things that annoy us more than anything. There is something with certain things and characteristics that drive us wild with anger. We cannot just seem to accept these habits, but these little actions are enough to annoy us and put us to the level of insanity. There are certain moves that annoy us to an extent that we call them pet peeves. These are the habits that we hate unbiasedly in everyone. Everyone has their own pet peeves, the habit they find worst of all. Here are 12 pet peeves that just make us more irritated.

  1. Slow walker

It always happens when you are running late. You are in a hurry, rushing to reach your destination on time. You are almost about to reach the destination on time, and then you come to a halt because the person in front of you is walking at a snail’s pace. You try your best to cross them, but nothing works. It seems that they are deliberately trying to put you in trouble.


  1. Gum smacker

There is something gross about the way a person’s mouth clacks as it chews gum. The saliva is swirled and slopped around. Why cannot people close their mouth when they chew gum? There are still people who smack their gum louder and louder.

  1. Inflated egos

We try to encourage people to be confident, stand for themselves and appreciate who they are. But when a person becomes too confident, it leads to inflated ego. They compliment themselves, bring up their qualities and are super self-obsessed.

  1. Loud typers

They are the ones who do not let their wrists rest on the keyboard. Their fingers come down with great force and slam the keyboard making the loud noise. The worst part is when they press the space button; it feels someone has pushed their fist on the table. It seems they are typing loud to show off their typing speed.


  1. Nail bitters

They are the ones who have their fingers in their mouths, chopping at their nails. The click that we hear when their teeth lose the grip on the nail is enough to give us goosebumps. And it gets worse when the person chewing the nail, rips off the nail and spits it on the floor.

  1. Bouncing legs

It usually happens when you are waiting in a line. You are sitting with other people and then suddenly you feel the person next to you bouncing his or her leg. The bouncing continues at the fast rate, driving you crazy even more. Their bouncing shakes their chair, your chair, your body and even the whole room vibrates.

  1. Copycats

They are the ones who desperately want to be your friend that they start copying everything you do. They buy same clothes, use same phrases and copy about the same things. They act like an identical twin that follow you around and keeps an eye on your every move. We want our own identity and space and thus we hate copy cats.


  1. Screaming kids

A screaming kid is not usually parent’s fault because we have seen how their mother tries their best to calm them down but the screaming grows louder and louder. But we feel it annoying seeing a kid in public losing his mind as their parent just tunes into the noise. Instead of feeling sympathy, it annoys us and makes us wonder why the hell this kid is not stopping!

  1. Group texts

Nowadays, texts and emails have become much faster and efficient. This advancement of technology sometimes takes a toll on us, when we are added to a group with more than 4 members and then things get little out of our hands. Suddenly a few texts turn into hundreds and thousands of them and your phone is buzzing like crazy.

  1. No personal space

There are some people who come too close to your face to say something or lean up against you even when there is plenty of space. These are those who pinch your cheeks or grab your chin to tell you how nice a person you are. And then there are people who know you from past five minutes and are comfortable taking a sip from your drink.


  1. Talking at movies

This is common sense that while watching a movie, there should be some degree of quietness as everyone is trying to understand what the characters are saying and do not misunderstand the plot. But then there are people who have no control and have to ask a million of questions and make comments on every aspect of the movie. And there could be people who have seen the movie before and tell you everything in advance.

  1. People insisting they are fat

We all are not in a perfect toned body as we want to be. The most annoying things people can do is to comment on how fat they are to their friends and family. They sit there looking depressed and grab a hunk of flesh and insist that they are the fattest person in the world. Most of the spectators to this annoyance are inwardly rolling their eyes because in fact, this person is not fat in the slightest.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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