Second Chance At Love? 10 Tips To Go From Breakup To Makeup!

By- Shreya Sharma

Giving a second chance is easy said than done. Starting fresh with the same old person is not easy because people hold on to resentment and past. And this can lead to more of arguments and even another breakup. Starting off with an old flame is more risky as there is more that can go wrong and there are possibilities that it will not work out again. But if you feel strongly to give another chance to your relationship, then here are 10 tips to go from breakup to makeup.

  1. Talk about the reasons for breakup

You broke up first time for a reason. So, talk about all the reason honestly without any judgment. Once you put it out in open, it will easy for you to deal with it and start things again. This way you will realize your mistakes and will be motivated not to do the same again. Let the old issues go rather than holding them as it will lead to another breakup. It will give you a chance to find a solution to the old issues too.


  1. Set boundaries

Though you are starting with an ex, but this is something new, so you need to set new boundaries. Rather than repeating old mistakes, write down what is right and what is not. Have clear boundaries so that there is no confusion and resentment. This will help you keep your relationship healthy and happy.

  1. You need to be serious

It is important to be serious and give this second chance a thought and understand its pros and cons rather than just jumping into it. You need to be serious about this to make it work.

  1. Communicate

Communication is important for a healthy, stable relationship. If lack of communication was your reason to breakup, then you should try to have open and honest communication this time. To make your relationship work this time, you need to communicate about the things that bother you, upset you or make you angry because your partner is no mind reader.


  1. Talk about your future

Your future plays an important role in your relationship. If you are giving it a second chance, then it is important that you clearly talk about your future. You need to be clear about what you both want for yourself and relationship and see if it matches, else there is no point to be together again. Talk about your plan, goals, dreams, and career and see if they align.

  1. Think about your true feelings

Sit down and think if you really love him or just want to fill in the space left by him when you broke up. Think about your true feelings for your partner. If you feel you cannot reciprocate his feelings or do not feel as much as you used to do, then it better not to get in for another heart break.

  1. Go slow and steady

Being back with an ex might make you feel that nothing has changed, but the truth is that things have changed and you have changed and you both broke up. There has been a time gap and you both have changed, so do not take things light and for granted. Move slowly after getting back together. This way you both will have space and time to get in terms with each other.


  1. Make necessary changes

You need to make changes and commit to them seriously to make your relationship work this time. There was something that caused you both to breakup and you should make the changes keeping that in mind. These changes should be for the betterment of your relationship.

  1. Keep the details of the time spent away with yourself

You might be back after a month or a year or whatever time period, what you did in that time period is your business and nobody else’s job. Whether you dated someone or went on a world tour, it has nothing to do with him. All you need to talk about is that you are ready to make your relationship a success.

  1. Be sure that you want it

Don’t get back together with someone because you feel pressured to do so, or that it’s the ‘right’ thing to do according to an insignificant ‘someone.’ Do it because you want to do it and because it feels right. If not, then you’re setting yourself up for disappointment and unhappiness, because you’ll feel a lot of resentment towards your partner for making you feel like that.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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