11 Feelings You’ll Go Through When You Get Waxed For The First Time

Waxing for the first time feels to be a horror story. We go through a roller coaster of emotions. Happy, panic, frightened and all those other feelings, those multiple thoughts; we all have been through this and some of us might face this in future. We present you 11 feelings, you will go through during your first waxing session

  1. Oh!! Does it hurt?

When we ask each and every person we know that “dard hoga kya bohot?” We want to re-assure us that jada dard nhi hoga. We can bear it.

  1. I am so scared

Even after asking as many people as we can, we are scared with the thought of pulling hair out of our skin. We feel that “blood aa gaya toh?” “skin nikal gae toh” as if this is going to be some war.

  1. Oh wait, no more of hair

Then there comes a thought of ecstasy and joy when we think that our skin too will be like that of celebs with no hair at all. Smooth, flawless, beautiful. We are overjoyed with this idea.

  1. I cannot do this !

Then again while sitting in the parlor, waiting for our turn to come, we have a feeling to give up on the thought of getting waxed. We are stuck between the thought of “I cannot do this” and “I am strong enough to get through it”.

  1. Ouch!!

Then comes the time when our heart race, we feel that hot wax on our body which gives us a thought “God! this is so hot!” and then that strip rubbing and you preparing yourself mentally that “It won’t hurt. It is fine. I can do this” and then they pull off the strip and you are like “oooooouuuuuuuccccchhhhhhh!!” and those tears of pain and joy floating out of your eyes.

  1. Why??

And then comes the time for second strip when you are filled up with the thought of “Oh no, again”, “Why?”, “Why we have to go through this?”, “Why only girls are supposed to bear all pains that exist on this planet earth?” and meanwhile in this thought your parlor wali just pulls off the second strip.

  1. How long will it take?

And then you are out of all the whys and think “How long will it take?” “Can’t you just stop it here, I am fine with this half waxed thing” ,“I am so done”.

  1. Oh please stop it

The parlor wali doing her job at her best and you are screaming within “Please stop, don’t you have a heart” “It hurts!” “Stop for god sake” “At least give me time to overcome the pain”.

  1. One more strip?

And when the battle of strips continues, you feel like “What?? One more strip” “Is this not done yet?” “Some more of pain” and imagine when your sister or mother or friend says “There is still some hair left, ek bar aur kr do” and you are like “Are you mad? One more strip? Why are you doing this to me? Kiss baat ka badla le rahe ho mjhse?”

  1. Is this done?

And finally when they say “Ho gaya” and you feel like “Really?”, “Is this done?”, “Like seriously”, “I survived this pain” and start doing that victory dance in your head.

  1. Ahh!! This is so nice

Now you finally get to touch you smooth, hair free skin. And you feel “Oh this is so nice, soft, smooth”, “I love waxing”, “It made me so beautiful” “I am so happy” “waxing is not that bad” and you walk out of salon like a boss who won the battle of strips, with that grin on your face and wanting to flaunt your fair free skin.

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