20 Little, Subtle Things Guys Do That ALL Girls Just Love!

By- Shreya Sharma

Guys are not that bad as we have stereotyped. No, not all men are dogs. No, not all of them are jerks, cheaters, and liars. We need to grow away from this mentality. We need to forget this stereotype and appreciate the qualities that guys have, that we love in them. Here are 20 little, subtle things guys do that all girls just love.

  1. When he makes us laugh

We love to be pampered, so we love it when a guy can make us laugh, either through a silly joke or funny story. They are a good company for us.


  1. An honest opinion about reality

We can always depend on our guy for a frank and honest opinion about something. They will never sugar-coat the reality.

  1. When he patiently sits and nods about the things that he does not care for at all

We appreciate it when he listens to us and does not leave the one-sided conversation midway.

  1. When he tries to explain the sport he loves

We love it when they turn into a kid while explaining about their favorite sport. We try to understand it even if it does not please us.

  1. Offering us jacket when it is too cold

This makes us feel secure and cared. He too might be feeling cold, but if he does it makes us feel warm.


  1. When he patiently sit through the loud conversations with our friends

And we love our man, even more, when he participates in them.

  1. When he has meaningful conversation with our family

We love him more when he keeps a smile on his face throughout the conversation.

  1. For appreciating us the way we are

Thank you for being so great to bear with our true-self.

  1. When he accompanies us shopping and helps us

It feels so good when he helps us shop.

  1. When he admits to enjoying a chick flick

It shows that they too have emotions to enjoy a rom-com movie


  1. When he helps us during emergency

It feels safe when you have your guy around to help you overcome the emergency situation.

  1. When he does not stress out easily

We freak out easily, thank you for balancing the stress level.

  1. Holding the door for us

It makes us feel special and shows how gentleman you are.

  1. Compliments that make our friends feel jealous

It is an accomplishment to have a guy who is not afraid to show his love for you in public.

  1. When he choose us over his friends

We know the value of friends, and when you willingly choose us over them, we feel special.


  1. When he help us look at the brighter side in horrible situations

He just knows how to lift our mood and state of mind.

  1. Knowing that he is always there for us

We love it that you will be by our side when we need a shoulder to cry on, someone to share our secrets with, to laugh together or just be by our side.

  1. Buying lady products for us

We love our man, even more, when he goes to the store and buy lady products for us. More power to you.

  1. For being our bodyguard

It feels good when you protect us in the crowded metro or crowded streets or cover us from the group of guys ogling at us.

  1. Being crazy with us

We love it when our man supports us to do something new and crazy.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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