15 Things Men Are Programmed To Look For In Women!

By- Shreya Sharma

There are some women who attract more attention from men making us wonder ‘what does she have that I do not have’. The standards of beauty are influenced by culture, social conditioning, and the media. There are things that man notices even when you are doing the most mundane activity. There are things that men notices in the first meeting.Here are 15 things men are programmed to look for in women.

  1. Red lips

Full, luscious, red lips are a sign of youth and fertility. The production of collagen causes fullness of lips and the blood flow to the lips causes redness. Your lip begins to flush when you are aroused or attracted to a man. Your lips are one of the main feature men notice when you first meet them.


  1. Your hips never lie

Men are programmed to get attracted to a 0.7 waist-to-hip ratio in a woman. It means the circumference of your waists is 70% of the circumference of your hips. Estrogen and other hormones create wider hips that show that you can safely give birth to a baby.

  1. Symmetry of your face

The reason we consider some people’s face beautiful in comparison to others is because of mathematic and scientific explanations. The symmetry of your face has a lot to do with the beauty of your face. Symmetry means, if we slip the face into half vertically, it should look the same on both the sides. Your eyes should be on the same size and your nose and lips should line up horizontally. The human brain can spot the slightest of asymmetry in someone’s facial features.

  1. The size of your Girlies

Estrogen affects the fat in your chest area. A larger cup size means she has a store of fat which increases her chances of fertility. We all know how much guys love and enjoy our girls. Having humble chest too is considered hot by men, but scientifically larger chest attracts a man.


  1. Bright eyes

Your eyes are a great way to attract men. Men are drawn towards your eyes because of their brightness, their size and the size of your pupils. When you are young, your eyes produce a natural lubricant that makes your eyes glow and shine. Larger eyes are also considered attractive on the woman. Your eyes and size of the pupil can signal that you are attracted towards a man. They will dilate when you like someone.

  1. Your smell

Our natural scents tell a lot about our genetic makeup and health to our potential partner. We can smell the DNA.

  1. Your smile

When you smile, men pay close attention to it. They might not notice it, but they look at the health of your teeth, their alignment, their color and how often you smile. Your smile shows you are friendly, warm and social.


  1. Your skin

Your skin indicates your beauty, age, and health. The lack of collagen and coenzyme Q10 causes your skin to wrinkle and makes it look dull and dry. Your skin cannot stay hydrated or retain moisture. Eat food with healthy oils to make your skin look moisturized. Exfoliate and drink plenty of water to make your skin look touchable.

  1. Your cheeks

Fat and collagen make your cheeks look round and supple. As you age the firmness and color of your cheeks fade away. Your cheeks also show your emotions. When you are angry, aroused or embarrassed, the blood rushes to your cheeks making you blush. It is a sign of health, fertility and can also let a man know that you are interested in him.

  1. Your hair

Oil keeps hair hydrated, shiny and helps it grow. Men find longer hair more beautiful. It shows that you are well nourished, you do not have any vitamin deficiency and you are in peak health. Your hair can also tell about your age.


  1. Your back

The curve of your back along with the 0.7 wait-to-hip ratios is considered an advantage during pregnancy and when giving birth to the baby. That’s too much knowledge and nobody knows. Men are not aware but they look out for it in their potential mate. You cannot change the spinal curvature of your lower back, but it really attracts men.

  1. Your voice

As we age, the estrogen level in our body decreases which lowers our voice slightly. Higher pitch and clear sound attract men as it indicates youth and fertility. Having a gravelly, shaky, lower tone shows that you might have some health issues.

  1. The way you are with kids

If a man is serious about marriage, he will look for a woman with maternal instinct. You may think he is not concerned about kids right now, but he will notice if you are comfortable around kids. Your actions will show if you have the potential to be the mother of his babies. You should be honest with your man about your feelings on kids.


  1. Your heart

A man looks for the woman who is kind towards others and cares for their feelings. Your empathy shows how well you will be in the relationship and how you will get along with others. He will see how you treat servants, your manners, how you treat his friends and his family.

  1. Your ambition

A man will be very attracted to a woman who is ambitious and has her own passions in life. When a woman has her own career and aspirations, it also shows that there is less pressure on him to be the breadwinner in the relationship and that you will be able to contribute as you build a life together. A man who is secure in who he is will love to hear all about how well your career is going and how cool your hobbies are. He will respect your zest for life and your independence.


Source –  Tumblr

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