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9 Ways To Tell Him You Like Him Without Saying I-LIKE-YOU!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have been in this situation when we like a guy way too much, but are too shy to tell him about how we feel. Being a woman, we are not used to asking men out because it makes most of us feel uncomfortable. But we can drop subtle hints for him to catch the clue that we are interested in him. Here are 9 ways to tell him you like him without saying I LIKE YOU.

  1. Eye contact

While talking with him, look directly at him. This will show him that you are hooked to what he is saying and he will know that you are interested in him.


  1. Add him on social media

This will allow you to like the picture he posts and you can even comment on his post if he is asking for some suggestion. But do not reply instantly else you will look like a stalker.

  1. Compliments

Give him compliments on his strength, intelligence, sense of humor or whenever you can, but do not go overboard. Do not randomly compliment him on how gorgeous he is as this might scare him.

  1. Touch

Have small, subtle touch rather than the obvious ones so that he does not feel uncomfortable with you. Hold his hand while crossing the road. When he tells a joke, hold his arm while laughing. Lean in closer while discussing some secret stuff.


  1. Flirt

You can get a little flirty with him. Pretend like a little kid, tease him when he says something silly and has playful arguments with him. Though it is childish but this is one easy way to flirt.

  1. Do not talk about other men

You can mention your male friends in a certain manner. But do not point out every hot guy that passes by or brag about your celebrity crush. If you want to mention about other men, then talk about the ones who asked you out but you decided to turn down. This will remind him that you are available.

  1. Ask him out indirectly

Do not make it obvious that this will be the date. Just hint him that you would like to go out with him. If you want to see a movie, tell him that none of your friends is willing to go. If he likes you, he will volunteer to go with you.


  1. Compare yourself indirectly

Though you should never compare yourself to other women, but if he complains about how his ‘ex’ cheated on him, tell him that you don’t understand how anyone could hurt someone. Make sure to mention that you’d never treat him like that if you were lucky enough to date him. It’s sure to open his eyes and get him to finally ask you out.

  1. Cook for him

When it is his birthday, bake him cake or brownies. It will be difficult for him to ignore a woman who is willing to cook for him. It will develop his interest in you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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