17 Signs That You FINALLY Have Your Life Together!

By- Shreya Sharma

Getting your life together is never one easy task. It is one difficult process because not at every point we can be perfect. We might be capable of paying our own bills, but at a certain point, we just need someone to guide us and advise us and help us. If you doubt your abilities, here are 17 signs that you finally have your life together.

  1. You do not have to constantly check your bank account

You do not have to check your account every time you go out to eat.


  1. You ask for what you want

You have no time to wait for the things you want.

  1. You can hold your anger

You do not go shouting right away. You better put your feelings aside until you can safely vent.

  1. You can pay your bills on time

The time when you no longer have to look at the bills to see what you can safely pay late, this is one special time and feeling.


  1. You are flourishing instead of just surviving

Earlier when you started, your primary goal was survival, like until the end of the day, week or month. But now you realize that you are living your life rather than just surviving.

  1. You do not take things personally

When you are young and inexperienced, it is common to feel offended and act defensively. But when you are in a good space, you stop taking things personally.

  1. Your friend’s success does not make you feel jealous

Being a little jealous of your friends is normal and you know it will not last forever. But when you are in a good space, you will not feel envy again.


  1. You realize everything is not about you

Though this is one hard lesson to learn, but the time you realize everything is not about you, you will feel great.

  1. You do not cancel your plans all of the time

Unless you are an introvert, you will not cancel your plans. Even as an introvert, you will do it way less.

  1. Your decisions are on the basis of what you want

You do not go for things because you do not have options. You have options and you can decide to do things on the basis of what you want.


  1. You can keep commitments

You make commitments and keep them even when you do not want to. Yes, you can feel proud of yourself.

  1. You can take care of your home

You keep your home clean and do not stay in clutter and dirt.

  1. You can be a responsible parent for your pet

When you can love and care for an animal in any manner and they are happy and healthy, then you are in a good space.


  1. You do not have to defend your choices

You can explain and stand by your opinion, choices and decisions. You do not feel like defending them.

  1. You take responsibility for your actions

You take responsibility for your own problems and faults.

  1. You have healthy relationship

If you are not in one, you will evaluate them, fix them or break them.

  1. You do things you might not want to do

You will feel proud when you will accomplish the thing you did not want to do initially.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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