10 Things Guys Totally Want But.. Won’t Ask For!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are all about give and take. If only one person keeps on putting in his efforts, your boat is not going to sail. You got to put in the efforts too. If your man spoils you with flowers and sweet good morning texts, you too should do something for him. It does not mean you should buy him flowers or some great grand gifts, but a little of your gestures are enough to make him feel loved. He will not say it to you but sure wants certain gestures from you that he will appreciate. Here are 10 things guys totally want but will not ask for.

  1. Back massage

After a long day at work, all he wants to do cuddle up with you in bed. Give him a back massage and it will make him smile and excited too.


  1. Texts

If you know he is having a rough day at work, send him a sweet text to comfort him. It will put a smile on his face even on the most stressful day.

  1. Date night

Do not put the burden of planning a date night on him. Pick a restaurant, make the reservation, and get movie tickets for two and sponsor your date night.

  1. Cook for him

Mostly guys are either lazy or do not know how to cook. Treat your man to a home cooked meal. He will appreciate your efforts.


  1. Blowjobs

Guys love it. He will not ask you for it, but if you ever offer it to him, he will never turn it down. And it can even lead to more action.

  1. Shop with him

Guys are sometimes clueless when it comes to buying stuff even their clothes. Take him to the store and help him buy the things he needs.

  1. Guy’s night out

We all need a little space and alone time even if your relationship is going great. Do not suffocate him and let him go out with his friends. He will be happy to know that you do not want him to leave his friends for the sake of your relationship.


  1. Watch sports with him

He will be surprised when you sit next to him to watch his favorite game. Do not ask a million questions while the game is on. Cuddle up, make him some food and enjoy spending time doing something that he loves.

  1. Trust him

He is not going to ask you for space, but you need not be the one poking him with constant texts when he is out. Trust your man and he will love you more.

  1. Movie night

Guys too love laying down cuddling and watching movies with you. You need not go out to have a date night. Order your favorite food and watch something you both want to watch.


Source – GiphyTumblr

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