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17 Sweet Good Night Texts To Send Him After A Long Day!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do not we all lure to wake up to some sweet messages from our man? Just as we do, same way man hopes to wake up to your lovey-dovey texts and sleep with your awesome good night text. They want you to be the one who texts them first in the morning and last in the night. They are just like us and crave for our love and affection either through texts or in person. Show your man your sweetness and affection for him every night by not just sending him a ‘good night’ but instead a little more. Here are 17 sweet good night texts to send him after a long day.

  1. I do not like sleeping because I will have to be away from you

It is the time you spend away from the person who makes you relax.


  1. My reality with you is better than my dreams

He will rather like to stay awake with you.

  1. My bed is so empty without you

Who will not wish to have her man’s arms drape around him and his head in your hair?

  1. I wish your arms were around me right now

Having a man who can cuddle with us always feels like bliss.


  1. I am looking forward to morning so that I can see you

Show how eagerly you want to meet him.

  1. Only your messages make me feel comfortable before sleep

Show him that it is difficult for you to sleep without having words with him.

  1. I hope you have dreams as sweet as you are

It is corny and cute.


  1. I will be thinking about you the whole night

Thinking about him feels better and more relaxing to you than sleeping.

  1. I cannot wait for the days when we can sleep together

It is like telling him that you cannot wait to start your life together.

  1. You are the last thing I think before I fall asleep

And he is the only one you want to think about.


  1. I want your body next to mine while sleeping

You are comfortable having him right next to you.

  1. Is it weird if I pretend my pillow to be you?

It is like pretending that you are cuddling your man.

  1. I want to see you in my dreams tonight

It means you want to see him only even if you fall asleep.


  1. I want you to be next to me when I wake up

Tell him that you want to live with him.

  1. I feel cold, I wish you were here!

Tell him that you know he is warmer than your quilt.

  1. I will prefer to count the reasons why I love you rather than sheep

This means you have millions of reasons to love him.

  1. Good Night baby, I love you!

This is straight but will sure make him happy.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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