21 BEST Comebacks To People Who Ask Why Are You Still Single?

By- Shreya Sharma

If you are single, you know what trauma it is to be asked by everyone ‘why are you still single?’ You head into any social gathering and you are surrounded by people asking the same obnoxious question making you feel pissed off. There will always be someone around you asking you that stupid question forgetting that you too are human with feelings. What to people get poking you about being single? How does your being single turns into a national issue for people around you? Why do not they understand that it is your life and you can live it your way? Well! To such people, here are 21 best comebacks.

1. It is 2017 and I am focusing on my career because boyfriends are a thing of past!


2. I am committed to dying alone. Do you wanna try?

3. I have to build my empire.

4. Are you kind of hitting on me?


5. I am not into settling, after all, we do not find ‘Mr. Right,’ the moment we enter our graduation stage.

6. Weddings are expensive and I have expensive taste, not everyone can afford that!

7. I do not need a boyfriend to tell me my worth!


8. Oh! Who said I am single? I am in a long-term relationship with my pet and plants.

9. I still have many followers on Twitter and Instagram.

10. But let’s talk about my achievements.


11. *Maintain eye contact and shout at the highest of your pitch*

12. Because we all die SINGLE.

13. *Hold eye contact and start crying*


14. I have not found someone who matches up to my standards. You know, it is tough to match someone with beauty and brain.

15. I am not interested in people right now. If you know what I mean!

16. Actually, a relationship would cut into my ME TIME. I cannot afford that!


17. I just hate everyone who is not me.

18. I am in a committed relationship with alcohol. I cannot ditch him.

19. Oh, I am in the relationship with myself and things are going great.


20. Drop everything and distance yourself.

21. NO! I am in a relationship with FOOD. You should meet him.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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