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He Is Not Your Forever Man If He Does These 8 Things!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are dating someone and you are in a confusion that if he is the one worth investing your time, feelings and emotions in or not. You are not sure if he interested in you the way you are inclined into him. You might think you could change him or the time will change him but sadly, if he does these things, he is not going to change. Here are the things that will show you that he is not your forever man.

  1. He does not care if you ignore him

If you want a man to be more inclined into you, is to ignore him because boys love the chase. If he is not bothered about the fact that you are ignoring him, he is not interested. He is not your forever man.


  1. He is not jealous when you flirt with other guys

If he is interested in you, he will get jealous if you flirt with other guys in front of him. You will notice a little insecurity in him if he is into you. Else you will find him play a wing man or encourage you to flirt with other guys.

  1. He never tries to improve himself

If a guy likes you, he will try to improve himself to impress you. If he has never made any efforts to improve himself for your sake, he is not the one.

  1. His future does not include you

Try to know his future plans and if he talks about everything but you, he is not interested. If he wants to be with you, he will mention you in his future plans.


  1. You make a move and he does not respond

Do not wait for him to make the first move. Make a move on him. If he is not interested, he will not respond or tell you that he is not interested. You will get to know what he thinks about you.

  1. He does not care about his actions around you

If he is interested, he is going to be in the best behavior around you if he is not drunk. And if he is not, you will see his crazy antics that he does in his boy’s gang.

  1. It is always group time

Whenever you plan to meet him, he incorporates others as well in the plan, or when you try to get him alone, you both are surrounded by people. He does not want to hang out alone without and he is not interested in you.

  1. He only wants to hook up

Maybe he actually wants to spend time alone with you, but only late at night or with some intentions. In case it’s not obvious already, he only sees you as a hookup. He has no intention of committing.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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