8 Steps to overcome your guilt and forgive yourself

Being human beings we really cannot avoid making mistakes in life because as people say “We cannot learn until we make mistakes.” Although sometimes we really hold on to certain mistakes we commit and get worked up just by the guilt of it which is really harmful to us. What is more important is to learn to forgive oneself and move on. Following are few ways through which you can get rid of the guilt you are carrying and forgive yourself.

  1. Start rationalizing you action and take responsibility

Many people carry the weight of guilt unknowingly because they do not accept it on the very first place. Not accepting your guilt is a major reason why people think about it more than usual. You need to rationalize your actions and finally decide if you really are guilty, and then take complete responsibility for your deeds.

  1. Analyze your needs during your actions

You need to recall your needs during the time you commit the faulty action. Sometimes it is helpful to justify your action keeping in mind the reasons why the action took place and thus helps you get rid of your guilt.

  1. Investigate your motive

Go through the incident again in your mind and see if your motive was really good or bad. What was the reason that was flaming your action and boosting it up. This might help you to come up with a justification for your actions and also help you forgive yourself.

  1. Identify your values

It is very important to find out the values and beliefs that were governing you at the moment. This is will help you to come up with a defence for yourself and you can assure yourself that something like that would never happen again.

  1. How much did your action affect you and others

You need to find out how much does your actions hurt others and yourself too. Depending on the damage you have done to yourself or others you can decide if you can really forgive yourself.

  1. Deciding after changing the standpoint

You need to see the situation as a third party. Would you forgive anyone with the same mistake. If the answer is yes, then you will probably find some space to do it for yourself too.

  1. Apologize

If you think your mistake has hurt someone then the best thing to do is apologize to the person. It is generally hard to apologize but it helps you to get rid of your guilt and also allows the person you have hurt to forgive you.

  1. Do a good deed

To counter your bad deed it is suggested that you do a good deed that you think will neutralize the whole guilt feeling in you and finally help you forgive yourself.

These are few things that you can try if you are unable to shake the feeling of guilt in you and finding it difficult to forgive yourself.

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