7 Movies those are better than the books

People all over the world have different interest. To quench that interest sometimes we read books or watch movies. Sometimes we even do both for the same story. Some movies do a justification to the already written book sometimes they don’t. Following are the list of movies that are better than their book and went beyond the viewer’s expectation.

  1. Die Hard Series

It is a book based on action and thriller. It became pretty obvious by the performance of Bruce Willis in the movie that it is much better than the book. Director of the movie, John Mctieron made sure that the series would be remembered more as his work than the actual story writer Roderic Trop’s “Nothing last forever” on which the movie is based.


  1. Jurrasic Park

Director Steven Spielberg’s work on the Jurrasic Park was one of his greatest ever. Jurrasic park was a movie much ahead of it’s time and speildberg made sure that it will be remembered long after its gone from the screen. The feeling that you get when you watch the movie is completely different from what you feel by reading the book Jurrasic Park written by Micheal Crichton.


  1. Shawshank Redemption

To feel the story from within it is very important to portray it in a manner that you can connect to it. The actual credit for this outstanding story will always be with Stephan king for his book Shawshank Redemption but when it comes to understanding it fully the movie will always take the first place.


  1. Jumanji

We all remember Jumanji from multiple platforms. We may remember it from the comic, cartoons and also the movie. But what are really amazing was the direction of the movie. Definitely there were a lot of things modified and cut in the movie but finally it was a justification to the book Jumanji which was written by Chris Van Alsberg.


  1. The Notebook

Definitely if you like to read romantic novels this may be one of your favourite books. But the movie on the other hand touched more heart than just romantic novel lovers. Director Nick Cassavetes made sure that this movie would touch more than just a specific group of people. That is why this movie is better that the book.


  1. The Devil Wears Prada

It was Meryl Streep who took the movie to another height, but obvious that Anne Hathway did a tremendous job but the movie really made a benchmark because of Meryl Streep’s acting. And as it is a more fashion based story the visual impact of it was more than the book written on which the movie is based.


  1. Fifty Shades of Grey

Now who is going to bargain when this movie comes! There are almost equal numbers of viewer to equal number of readers to this story. The only thing that makes the movie better is that the female director of the movie Sam Taylor Johnson concentrated more on the female pleasure part, and that is the reason this movie was a hit not only between men but women too.


These are some of the movies that are better than their original books.

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