17 Things That Are Like BIGGEST Turn On For Men!

By- Shreya Sharma

Every man has a different personality and it is never justice to put them in one category. You never know the guy you feel is handsome and awesome in papers, is a douchebag in real life! Generalizing and categorizing people is never a healthy habit, but, well, in some cases you can do this categorization and one such category is ‘turn on’. More or less every man will have somewhat same things that turn them on. Here are 17 things that are like biggest turn on for men.

  1. When you sit on his lap

Either in public or in private, when you sit on his lap, it is bound to turn them on and think about sleeping with you.


  1. Cooking for them

Men love to eat. It does not matter to them if you are one brilliant cook or you just know how to get done with Maggi. They are happy to eat the food you cook for them.

  1. When you are in lingerie

Men are visual creatures and love to see you in your tiny outfit which covers you just perfectly; leaving the rest to their imagination.

  1. Wearing their shirt

Just walk around the house wearing his oversized shirt, and he will be drooling over you. It will be hard for them to resist their urge to have you in bed immediately.


  1. When you whisper

Just lean in and whisper something sexy in his ear, he will go crazy over you.

  1. Eye contact

Give him your bedroom look showing that you are in a mood; he will get in the mood too.

  1. Glimpse of your cleavage

Men just love breasts and showing them a glimpse of your cleavage when you bend is going to make him beyond happy.


  1. Your perfume

Have a delicious perfume in your pocket, so that you can spritz it before you meet him. Your smell can turn him on.

  1. Your confidence

Confidence is sexy. Be confident because you are more beautiful than you think. And seeing how confident you are will turn your man on.

  1. Teasing him

Touch his thighs, or tease him by leaning in so that your lips are almost touching, this will turn him on and build anticipation.


  1. High heels

Men love to see you in high heels as it makes your booty and boobs stand out.

  1. When you are turned on

It is a big turn on for men to know that they have turned you on. Compliment your man for his sexy moves.

  1. When you initiate a kiss

Men love it when you take a charge. So do not wait for him to make the move, be the one to initiate the action.


  1. When you exercise

Fitness is sexy and guys love to see you doing exercise and yoga after all it enhance your assets more.

  1. When you tell dirty jokes

Hearing you tell dirty jokes will let him know that you too have sex on your mind which is a turn on for them.

  1. Seeing you without bra

if he knows that you are not wearing a bra or underwear, he is going to be fantasizing about what you look like beneath your clothes.

  1. Watching you change your clothes

Put on a new outfit in front of him and it will race his imaginations.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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