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10 Freaky, Messy And Sexy Things You Can Do In Bed!

By- Shreya Sharma

After some time, sex starts to appear same and boring. It becomes more like a routine. You get so used to it that you even know the sex position you will do and the order in which you will do it. You do not have to fall in the rut and you can change up the routine by doing more fun and dirty things in bed. You got to experiment and laugh off the awkward moments to spice up your sex life. Here are 10 freaky, messy and sexy things you can do in bed.

  1. Build sexual energy in public

Get your sexual energies highway before you enter your bedroom. If you are in a restaurant, sensually stare each other while eating or play footsie. If you are in the car, rub his inner thigh with your hand. This will get him excited and build anticipation for him to take you home ASAP.


  1. Public sex

Public sex is exciting because it is a taboo and it has the fear of being caught attached to it. So, while you are out on a walk with your partner at night, push him against a tree and start making out. If you are at a club, grab your partner and take him to the washroom.

  1. Dress up

Playing dress up and role playing can be the really interesting way to break the monotony. You get to show your acting skills and you will learn more about your and your partner’s sexual desires.

  1. Anal sex

Anal sex can be the enjoyable experience if done right. You need to do some things beforehand. Clean the area and use the lube. If this is your first time, use a lot of lube. First few minutes will be uncomfortable, give it some time and it will become your favorite.


  1. Talk dirty

Get your partner horny even before he is back at home. Tell him all that you want to do to him or you want him to do to you. During the sexual encounter, guide him on what you want and where you want to be touched. And after sex, you can talk about the things you liked the most.

  1. Sex toys

To spice up your bedroom fun, bring sex toys into your bedroom. Use vibrators, anal beads, handcuffs, strap-on to get wild. Buy the stuff that you both want and make this a joint effort.

  1. Being aggressive

Sometimes, it is good to become wild and aggressive with your partner in bed. Pull his hair, choke him, slap his ass and face, scratch his back and act like you want to eat him alive. Lose control and explore your sexual boundaries.


  1. Record it

This is sexy to record you and your partner having sex on camera so that you can see it later. When you watch yourself having sex, you become hornier and things become hot.

  1. Sex in front of mirror

Watching yourself having sex is extremely arousing and makes you want to push the boundaries to see where your sexual capabilities can go.

  1. Light Bondage

It means being tied up with a rope or handcuff or anything. Once any one of you is tied up, they lose their control over the situation and completely submit themselves to their partner. Just sit back and enjoy the moment and push your boundaries.   


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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