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Feeling Shy? 13 Ways You Can Confidently Take Your Clothes Off!

By- Shreya Sharma

The struggle to get naked in front of someone new is real. We have so many doubts, insecurities, and thoughts in our mind while stripping down the clothes. While getting naked in front of someone, you should understand why you are feeling shy. Your shyness can be just a personality trait or because of some past incidence. It can be hard for you to strip down if you feel bad about the way your body looks. There are ways you can get your shyness on the bay and be confident while stripping down. Here are 13 ways you can confidently take your clothes off without being shy.

  1. Your problem might be bigger

If you are in a long term relationship and you feel shy every time while stripping down, then it is the time to realize that you have a bigger problem and may need an expert to deal with it.


  1. Try to solve the problem

If you have discovered there might be some bigger problem, then you should try to correct the problem. Narrow down your problem, so that you can solve it easily. Once you have solved the problem, it will be easy for you to get rid of your shyness.

  1. Know the person first

When you get to know someone first, you feel more comfortable with them. This way you will feel better about getting naked because you both will know one another really well.

  1. Visualize yourself being confident

Visualization helps you deal with your mental self. Sit down and picture yourself stripping down confidently and it will be easy for you to strip down in real.


  1. Slow down

You should slow down instead of rushing into sex. As well as slow down while undressing too. This way you will have enough time to get comfortable with each other. Slowing down while undressing will help your brain register the event and make you feel comfortable.

  1. Get naked more often

If you get naked often, it will turn into a normal routine for you to strip down. Walk around naked in your house whenever possible. If you feel shy with your long-term partner, then try to be naked with them for the most of the time. And gradually you will notice that you can walk around naked without any issues.

  1. Workout

If your shyness is because of your self-esteem and how your body looks, then hit the gym. Getting in shape will make you feel confident about your naked self. You will feel better and want to show off your body more often.


  1. Focus on other things

Focus on your partner getting naked, their smell, their curves, the way they are making you feel. All this will help you get rid of your shyness.

  1. Drink

Drinking occasionally is not wrong to get out of your inhibitions. After a few drinks, you will not feel shy or nervous and you will be confident enough being naked.

  1. More tactics

Use blindfolds and some fun toys before getting naked. Blindfold your man and when your man will not be able to see you, you will feel better about being naked.


  1. Set the right mood

If you feel shy getting naked, then find a way to be turned on so much that you cannot resist your urge to take off your clothes. Light candles, have some slow music and start the foreplay

  1. Turn off the lights

Another way to get rid of your shyness is to turn the lights off so they can’t see you. Just like with blindfolding them, cutting off their vision of you naked basically, erases your reason to be shy getting naked.

  1. Talk with your partner

If you feel shy every time, talk with your partner about this. Tell him that you feel extreme shy when it comes to getting naked. This way he will feel relieved and will also bring you both closer and will help you with shyness.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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