14 Emotional Stages Of When You Find Out Your Ex Is Engaged!

By- Shreya Sharma

Life in 20-something is already way too difficult and then comes a time when you have to deal with the fact that your ex is engaged now. Social media is enough to tell you about how people of your age are getting engaged and married. You usually take a look at their picture, take a screenshot and text it to your BFF and talk about how lame it is to get married at such age. And then when the day, you scroll your social media feeds and you have a look at your ex hold an equally happy person with a ring on their finger and that is when you lose your shit. Here are 14 emotional stages of when you find out your ex is engaged.

  1. You take a moment to scan the picture, clichéd caption and the ring.

You tell yourself comforting that this ring is not your taste anyway. You are in a better space now.


  1. You get sad for a moment because this was someone with whom you spent some good times.

But also the bad times and that is why he is your ex. But you wanted to be the first one to get engaged.

  1. You convince yourself that you are absolutely happy for them.

Maybe you will even congratulate them on the picture.

  1. You are worried about what your friends would say if they thought you were serious.

You will assure them that you were not serious and it does not bother you.


  1. You evaluate your post-breakup life to convince yourself that you are in a happy space.

You are totally fine. Just forget them and their shiny ring and their happy face.

  1. You start crying for no reason.

Okay, it is fine to cry a little because no matter how things ended, this is still a shock for you.

  1. You decide to go through old photos of two of you.

Stop torturing yourself.


  1. While looking at the old photos, you remember your fights.

Your fights might have started on small issues, which turned into big fights later.

  1. You laugh at how right you were during those fights.

You know those fights were stupid and it completely helped you move on in your life.

  1. You feel better about this whole thing.

You know you are attractive, confident and successful without them.


  1. You raise a toast of Champaign for the amazing life you have without your past relationship.

Yeah! Cheers!

  1. You take a minute to wonder about your emotional capabilities.

You know you can handle your emotions.

  1. People start texting you when they see the picture

People- “I just saw, are you OK?

You- Yes, I am totally okay.

  1. You decide to look one more time at their photo

And you silently wish the odds be ever in their favor when one of them starts leaving hairs on the soap or piles of dishes in the sink.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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