14 Things You’ll Understand If You Look Younger Than Your Age!

By- Shreya Sharma

When the guards at movie theater stops you to check your ID proof for age check, this is a sure indication that you look younger than your age. You have to carry your ID proof with you to make people believe of your age. Here are the things you will understand if you look younger than your age.

  1. People do not believe you have kids.
  1. You get hit on by people who are way too young for you.


  1. You get benefits of looking young, like You can spot the exact moment that looking young for your age becomes a benefit.
  1. Your age is a big shock to people.


  1. They tease you saying “go, join school”.
  1. People say your marriage will look like a “baal vivah”.


  1. People will “awww” you at the slightest thing.
  1. When you go to work you fear you look like a child who’s stumbled in by accident.


  1. You’ll get PLENTY of people saying, “You’ll be glad of this when you’re older!”
  1. And you feel offended when you make a conscious effort to look older and people still think you’re 15.


  1. You still get questioned at the cinema when you try to buy tickets to films rated 18.
  1. You’re asked about school or college when you’ve been out of education for a good few years.


  1. You’ve had salespeople knock on your door and ask, “beta mumma ko bulana”.
  1. But you can always pull the “Sorry, Mumma papa ghar pe nahi hain” card if you don’t feel like dealing with it.


Source : giphy, tumblr

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