11 Amazing Dating Tips You MUST Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Dating can be exciting and nerve-wrecking till the time you find someone who is the best for you. You may go on date after date, with some you will find ways for escape, with some you will not understand what to talk about while with some you may feel that you two hit off real well but later the date you will find no reply from them. Yes, it can be this bad. People will leave you confused and question your idea of planning to date. Dating comes with all the highs and lows; this is something you need to keep in mind before you start your search. Here are 11 amazing dating tips you need to know.

  1. Do not go to typical places to meet people

Instead of hitting the places like bars and pubs to interact with people to date, it is better you visit the places of your interest and passion so that the people you interact with share same passion and thus you are bound to be more compatible with them.


  1. Do not try to change someone

Do not date someone assuming that you will change them and they will be exactly how you want them to be. Date someone only if you like them the way they are now.

  1. Date someone you know through others

This can work for you because he has been scrutinized to be a good match for you. Dating someone your friends or family help you find is like having security blanket.

  1. Do not over share on first date

Do not spill your deepest dark secret to someone unless you know them well. Do not talk about your ex or your medical conditions in a detail. Do not give all your personal details without knowing a person.

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  1. Do not pressurize yourself

Do not put pressure on yourself to talk, walk, eat or dress in a certain manner. Do not do the things you hate just to impress the guy. Do not be too serious. Do not just pretend to be who you are not. Be yourself!!

  1. Have fun

Your dating should be fun time. Make it adventure and not a boring chore. Dance with your friends if you feel like dancing. Approach the man you think is interested in you. Do not hold back and have fun.

  1. Give yourself a reality check

Do not idealize the man you are dating instead be objective and try to know who they are. Do not just form opinion about a person without knowing them. Your negative views and assumptions will impact your mood and vibe which will transfer into your dating.

  1. Beware of fake people

If the person you are with seems too good to be true, then there are chances that they are not being their true self or you are just over-idealizing them. When you idealize a person you just try to make things work with them even when you have nothing in common. You may end up disappointed if things do not work.

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  1. Do not be fake

Do not be fake and lie blatantly. It is about putting your best foot forward and not about changing yourself completely. It will backfire if the relationship grows and he will know that you are not what you said.

  1. Put your best first

First impression sure counts because if you cannot be your best at the beginning, then how can someone expect you to be good later. Try to be your best first.

  1. Do not take rejection to your heart

If you are rejected, it is not because you are not worthy, it is because he could not feel the same. it has nothing to do with you.

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