16 Things You Should Just Stop Doing In Your 20’s!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your 20s is the age of fun and frolic. This here, right now, is the best time in history to be a woman in your 20s. Make the most of being young and alive in this day and age because we only get one shot and all that. If given a chance without any questions being asked and no second thoughts, love the most out of it. To live the most, you got to leave a few things behind. The things that stop you, that make you feel less and everything that can add much to your sadness. This is not the age to take so much of baggage and burden, you got to shine and rise. Here are 16 things you should just stop doing in your 20s.

  1. Making comparisons

Do not compare your life with someone else’s life. You both have two different lives and you have no clue about what troubles the other person has in their life.


  1. Turning down opportunities

Do not say no to the things that could bring you happiness. You must go on the date or the interview or to that party your friend was asking you for. You never know where it will lead you.

  1. Hating yourself

If you cannot love yourself, there will be no one to love you. You are not ugly or stupid or dumb. Know your worth, so that people too value you.

  1. Feeling alone

You are not the only one who feels like this, there are so many people out there who feel the same. You are not the only one who feels that they are not there where they are supposed to be. Stop making yourself feel isolated.


  1. Regretting your past

If you had fun, there is nothing to feel regret about. Your regret will not bring your past back. It is better you just move on.

  1. Being obsessed about future

Yes, your future plans are important but obsessing over them will only give you more reasons to feel sad. You are definitely not where you want to as a kid. Life goes on and things work out.

  1. Hiding your emotions

We all have emotions, we all feel angry, annoyed, upset or in love. There is nothing to hide them and showing that you have your shit together.


  1. Being embarrassed by your family members

Do not take your family’s love for granted. They are the reason you are here and doing what you are doing and the things earning you respect. They are the reason to be proud instead of being ashamed.

  1. Try to live the life, the characters live on screen

There is no harm in getting inspiration from their character but making their role model and ideal is one crap idea. Go out and live the life you want to love.

  1. Bashing other women

You need not be a fashion or moral police all the time. Everyone has a life of their own and their dress or morals are not impacting your life. So chill!!


  1. Blaming your parents

You are not a kid anymore to run away from your responsibilities and blame it on your parents. Maybe your parents had a little influence over where you are, but you are mature enough to take responsibilities.

  1. Lying to yourself

Being honest with yourself is the easiest way to live your life. If you like someone, accept it. Do not act you are okay being abandoned by your friends.

  1. Trying to look cool

Public opinion is not going to affect your life forever. Be yourself. Trying to act cool and following all the trends may end up leaving you exhausted.


  1. Holding grudges

Holding grudges will only leave you with negativity. And no one wants negativity in their life. Stop stalking the guy who betrayed, instead just delete them out.

  1. Splurging

Do not waste your entire paycheck on random parties. You are grown up and have responsibilities. So better you start saving.

  1. Letting the fear have a hold on you

It’s scary to move out of your parents’ house and apply for your dream job. But you have to push through that fear and do what you need to do. It’s the only way to reach success.


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