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10 Things That Girls Do Make Guys Think Of Them As Hot Mess!

By- Shreya Sharma

For you getting into a relationship is not as difficult as to sustain it. You might think that the guys are the problem, but you might not realize that you too are a mess. You might be doing things that might be making you a hot mess. You might either be a truly hot mess or you might have just learned bad relationship or life habits; whatever be the situation, you signal guys that you are the hot mess. Here are 10 things that girls do make guys think of them as a hot mess.

  1. Your breakup and makeup game with your friends

If you are on an ‘on and off’ relationship with your friends, a guy will think that you are more of drama and that is something guys do not like. If a guy gets to know that you do not have many friends or that you fight with your friends daily, it will signal them that you are a hot mess.


  1. Canceling and re-scheduling plans

If you schedule the date and cancel it and then re-schedule it, then your man may think of you as a hot mess. For you, you might be busy and juggling between things, but for him, you just cannot get your act together.

  1. Your way or no way

If you are adamant that things should go your way in the relationship and you plan every move of your date, then it will give the guy an impression that you are messy. He will think that you will never compromise in your relationship.

  1. You lack communication skills

If you are of those who either text constantly or does not text for months, then he will get the impression that you are not into them and you are playing with him and other men which are messy.


  1. You are slow to forgive

You two fight, he says sorry, you accept the apology. But even then you act like a cold war is going on between you two which show that you have not actually accepted his apology which makes you look like an emotional mess.  When you accept the apology, you have to let go.

  1. Catfights

When you get into a catfight or exchange nasty looks, it will make your potential boyfriend run away from you. Men do not like drama and when he sees you getting loud in public, he will run away from you.

  1. Excessive drinker

Drunken text for the first time is cute, but if it turns out to be a habit, he will consider you to be a hot mess. He will wonder how much you drink and whom else you text in this manner. You look like a big mess when you drink so much that he has to bring you home.


  1. You do not have good terms with your family

If you have a rough family, your man will understand. But if you are constantly at war with them for no genuine reason, he will not like it. It shows that you are a hot mess and do not know how to be cordial with people or how to protect yourself from toxic people.

  1. You always lose things

Are you always “on the hunt” for some item you can’t place? Are you disorganized always? Your literal mess lets him know that on the inside, you are a mess.

  1. You shop in impulse

You cannot save even a single penny. Even when you are broke, you spend your last penny like there is no tomorrow. You nag about paying rents but still buy a new outfit.


Source –  Tumblr

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