8 Things Every Dark Complexion Girl Is Tired Of Hearing!

Complexion is not what we choose!! For something we have no control over, we are bashed and made fun of. Some girls go through racial discrimination because of the stereotypical society. We love Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Chitrangda Singh and many others for their complexion calling them dusky beauty than why not others. We present you things every girl with “Dark Complexion” is tired of hearing.

  1. Use some Fairness Cream

Remember that typical “Fair and Lovely Ad” whose ass you just want to kick off!! How does a cream can fair your skin complexion; and forget that why to fair your complexion. You are beautiful with that dusky skin of yours. You are still asked to use fairness creams, bleach and told strictly not to apply makeup as it will not suit you.

  1. Ladka kaise milega?

Those aunties of your society who are more concerned about your marriage than their family issues are always heard passing statements like “Ladka kaise milega?” “Abhi dekhne lago ladka, bohot mushkil se milega koi” and you feel like “ Ho gaya aapka?

  1. Told you about Home Remedies

You must be sick and tired of hearing the home remedies told by the pados wali aunties and relatives. Remember that “Ubtaan lga lo”, “Use this besan paste” etc. By now you must know more of home remedies to start your won blog.

  1. That’s amazing! Atleast you will not have dark complexion kids!

Bhagwaan kare, ladka gora mil jaye, atleast bache toh gore ho jayenge.” And you feel like as if your genes would not transfer to them. These aunties never fail to make their epic hilarious comments on you.

  1. Wear clothes according to your complexion

When your family and friends guide you regarding your clothes; “Do not wear bright clothes, your color will stand-out” “do not wear dark clothes, your color is already dark” and you have a thought “Arey bhai fir pehnu kya mai?

  1. You are the “Kaala tikka” of our group

Your friends make fun of you at every stage. Even when they feel they are too awesome together and there should be no ill omen to them, they say pointing at you “arey ye hai na, humara kaala tikka.”

  1. Complexion dark hai warna features toh bohot ache hain

You have grown up hearing this from everyone you meet “You know you have beautiful features, it is just your complexion!!” leaving you thinking “Dude, do not you dare say a word about my complexion, I love it. Okay?”

  1. Your parents are fair, whose child are you?

When your friends, cousin and family make fun of you and tease you saying “Tere mumma papa toh itne gore hain, fr tu kaise aisi hai?” or “Jada time mumma ki tummy me rhne se burn ho gae tu.”

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