10 Reasons Why You Are Still Single Despite Being Awesome!

By- Shreya Sharma

You have faced it a lot when people around you ask you, “Why are you single?” especially when they know you are awesome as hell. You know you are too good to be with someone, you are awesome, chirpy, crazy yet mature person who is no less than perfect. You love your single life, yet sometimes you and others wonder why you are still single? Here are 10 reasons why you are still single despite being awesome.

  1. You are hopelessly romantic

You do not want just an intimate relationship; you rather want one intense relationship. You want someone to cuddle up when you are low instead of someone who is their just to have some fun. You want it to be meaningful, emotional bond.


  1. You are waiting for the right person

You know you are smart, witty, intelligent, kind and would make a perfect partner to someone. But you do not wish to spend this awesome-self on someone who is not even worth it. You prefer to stay single till you find someone with whom things feel 100% right.

  1. You are looking for someone who accepts you

You know you are confident enough which scares people off. You are looking for someone who accepts you at the same level. You want someone who is at same level as you.

  1. You are enjoying your life

Your life seems to be perfect, awesome career, friends, and family. You travel and explore. You are one free person who has all the rights to make decision of her life on her own. You are busy enjoying your life and you got no time to look out for someone.

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  1. You do not want to settle down

You have such awesome life that you have made for your own where you are actually comfortable being single and waiting for the right guy rather than being stuck up with someone who is not even worthy enough.

  1. You are focused on your career

You are too focused to climb the career ladder and your main focus is your job right now. You are too busy building up your future career so that you can have a meaningful life ahead which you can share with someone.

  1. You do not wish to disrupt your life for anyone

You are not willing to give up your single person freedom for someone. You have become so comfortable in your life that you do not need someone to disturb your fun, free, easy schedule that you have established.


  1. Relationship is not a necessity for you

You do not need someone to make you feel complete in your life. You do not mind meeting someone and connecting with them, for you it is like a bonus but not your life goal. You know you are self-sufficient.

  1. You want passion

You have met a lot of people and have a good chat but that does not mean that there are sparks in between you. You want to be with someone who ignites the passion in you, both mentally and physically and is a passionate friend as well.

  1. You do not want to be in a relationship

Quite simple, you are happy being single and living your life on your own terms and conditions. There is no point to jump into a relationship when you do not want to be in one.

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