15 Reasons That You Should NOT Get Married Before 25!

By- Shreya Sharma

People may ask you to get married as you are done with your graduation especially when you have younger siblings too, but do not let them decide your life. They will say that there is no right age to get married and this is your age to get married, but at least say no to them before you turn 25. Here are 15 reasons that you should not get married before 25.

  1. This is your time to travel

You are young, energetic and you do not have some major responsibilities, so this is the best age to travel. Explore as much as you can, go on adventure trips before your energy drains out. It will make you learn more about yourself.


  1. Fall in love

Love is very subjective and you might hate the idea of your dream man when he comes to you in reality. So, fall in love with someone to understand what love really means to you.

  1. Be a little selfish

This is the time when you are young, alone and you have no responsibilities, so you can be selfish. At some points, it is essential to be selfish.

  1. Focus on your career

Decide what you want to do and get practical knowledge about it. Work as hard as you can to climb your career ladder. Choose your career wisely.


  1. Spend time with your friends and family

Our relationship with our family and friends change once we get married. So spend this little time with your friends and family. Party with your friends, shop with your mom, and go on long drives with your siblings and spend time with your family.

  1. Experiment with yourself

Go for piercing, weird hair color, tattoos, funky hair cut or whatever you want. Try new things and let your imaginations come true.

  1. Read

Read and immerse yourself in the world of literature. Choose your genre and just read. This will help you gain a deep insight.


  1. Live on your own

When you live on your own, you learn to be independent, to fix things on your own, to take care of yourself and to handle situations.

  1. Work on your hobby

The things you wanted to learn as a kid, you can do it now. You are young enough to pursue your hobbies. Work and earn some money to learn what you want.

  1. Movie marathon

Have a movie marathon with your friends. Watch all your favorite movies on repeat.


  1. Make mistakes

Make mistakes and learn from them. Turn your mistakes into a lesson to prepare yourself for a better future.

  1. Manage your finance

Learn to spend and save the money you earn. Be selfish and save and spend for yourself.

  1. Workout

As you are young and energetic, so hit the gym and achieve the body you always wanted to have. Take care of your eating habits.


  1. Be responsible

You can be carefree, but you still need to be responsible for yourself and others. Learn to be responsible before you tie the knot.

  1. Find yourself

When you find yourself, you make better life choices which are essential for any marriage to work.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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