15 Ways You Can Be Healthy Down There!

By- Shreya Sharma

Our lady part goes through a lot on a monthly basis and all the other hormonal changes that we should actually celebrate it and respect it at any given time. The term VAGINA is taken as a taboo and dirty word that we cannot speak it in public. Our vagina needs a lot of care and maintenance. It is constantly communicating with us but we majorly ignore what it says. Here are 15 ways you can be healthy down there.

  1. Hair care down there

You need to wash your vagina thoroughly and often even if you have bushes over there. It is all up to you if you need to get them waxed or shaved but you need to clean them. The hair holds sweat which can lead to odor. And if you are hair free, you need to beware of skin irritation, ingrown hair, bumps or any other thing. Moisturize and exfoliate you vagina.

  1. Check out your lady part

Get a hand mirror and point it towards yourself and admire the complexity between your legs. Go down there and know your lady part. The more time you spend with it, the more you will learn about it and it will be easy to understand the cues it drops.

  1. Clean it

Hygiene is important. Change underwear regularly. Carry fragrance free wet wipes in hot weather. Clean it on the outside only from front to back. Try to shower twice a day to keep your vagina clean.

  1. Doctor doctor

After the age of 21 or if you are sexually active, you should visit your doctor at least once in a year. She is there to protect your vagina. It is irresponsible to avoid your gynecologist because you find it awkward or you got no time for it. She will help you know everything you should do to take care of your body.

  1. Self-pleasure should be a must

Do yourself a favor and get personal with your V part either on your own or using some toys. Explore yourself; it is not dirty at all. You will be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy doing this. Achieve your big O on your own and this will help you reduce stress and you will know your body better to guide others.

  1. Feminine products

Be it tampons, pads, feminine wash, scented body wash or any other such product, these all products contain harmful ingredients to our body. Be aware before washing these products because these ingredients are not friendly with your vagina. Change pad and tampon regularly because it can lead to infection. Keep everything dry during menstruation.

  1. Use lubricants

It will spice up your intimacy level and reduce the excessive friction. Vagina itself produces a lot of fluid but if you are using protection, there is no harm in using lubricants to avoid irritation which can cause infection. Always use a non-oil based lubricant.

  1. Say no to douche

Though douches are designed to make the vagina fresh and help cleaning the inside of vagina by squirting fluid upward through a tube. Your vagina should smell like a vagina only not like something else. And you should avoid douches.

  1. Your eating habits matter

Yes, what you eat makes a lot of impact on your vagina. Your eating habits make your vagina healthier and brighter. Our dietary restrictions improve our V health, fight infection, and fight funk smells. Certain foods improve our V’s pH level and change the taste of our lady part. Reduce caffeine and sugar and increase water intake to increase lubrication.

  1. Safe sex sessions

Have safe sex. Use condoms because then you can do it without the frantic feeling of STI. Go for regular STI checks; visit your doctor every three months.

  1. Cotton panties

Your vagina is happy when dry and has some room for air. To protect your vagina from chafing, wear cotton panties. You need to be careful with living in skimpy underwear. Your underwear is a breeding ground for bacteria, be careful.

  1. Inspect the infection

There could be various kinds of infections that our lady part suffers. This could be icky, uncomfortable, and annoying. Get yourself treated and inspected for the yeast infection, bacterial vaginitis and urinary tract infections.

  1. Safe condom

You should know if you are allergic to latex before your intimacy session as otherwise, it can cause irritation during or after intimacy. A wrong kind of condom can cause discomfort to your vagina. Do not use any old condom that is lying around. Try the variety of condoms to see what suits you the best.

  1. Find a good probiotic

The hormonal changes during our menstrual cycle, immunity drop, soaps, and antibiotics can disturb the pH level and bacteria, leaving our vagina vulnerable to infection. Find probiotics in fermented food, dairy products, and daily supplements that will take care of the good bacteria in your V, bladder, and urinary tract.

  1. Know yourself

Discharge is a thing being a woman we should know about, it makes our undergarments dirty. Our vagina moist itself on its own. It tells a lot about your body like about whether you drink properly, what lacks in your diet, your ovulation, infections and everything. So you need to understand the discharge story.

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