10 Obvious Signs That He Wants Some Space!

By- Shreya Sharma

Your man may not say it straight out to you, but his actions are enough to shout that he needs his space. So, you got to learn to give him personal space and respect his me time. To keep your man, you need to respect his wishes. It is normal to ignore the signs he is giving off to ask for personal space and you might not come up with the topic of personal space on your own. Try to listen to what he says and he does and you will get the clue that he wants his personal space badly. Here are 10 obvious signs that he wants his space.

  1. He disappears

He might not pick up your call or ignore your texts. No communication is one clear sign that your guy wants his space. This happens when a guy feel trapped with you. They prefer to disappear rather than confront. And how you react is what determines if he stays or goes. Use this time to think about your relationship or have some ‘me’ time.


  1. He keeps you in dark

He might lie to you saying that he has to spend some time with his family or he has a lot of work to do so he will not be able to meet you. Men do this so that they do not have to explain why, when, where, how to you. If you find out he lied to you, confront him but give him his space.

  1. He talks about break

If your guy mentions about taking a break from the relationship, then he really needs space away from you. While some may lie, others may ask for an official break from the relationship. it does not necessarily mean that he wants to leave you, it could mean that he needs some time out of the relationship.

  1. He has his own plans

When your guys start making his own plans which might not include you, take it as an obvious sign that he needs some space. When he has his own plans, do not stalk him, it will only push him away from you.


  1. He is unavailable

If your man is being less available, both emotionally and physically, then it is a clear hint that he wants his space. Not spending his time with you is a clear way to tell you that he needs some time away from you. It could be for any reason, let him have his space to get himself together.

  1. He cancels the plans

If he is delaying or canceling your trips or dates again and again, clearly he does not want to spend time with you. He cares about you, but he needs his space as well. Ask him if he needs space if he says yes then let him have his own time.

  1. More of arguments

When you get on each other’s nerves, the things start falling apart. When you think that you both are fighting way too much, this is the time to take a step back. Give your relationship the time to heal. Giving each other some space is good for you both and your relationship.


  1. He never initiates

If your guy does not attempt to initiate plans with you, then it means that he needs some space. If he was the one who always took the lead to make plans, then you might feel it odd. It is the simple way of saying that he want to do a few things without you.

  1. He has become too honest

Some men will resort to pure honesty when they have exhausted all other options. You should be grateful if your man has the courage to tell you straight up that he needs more space. Commend him for it, and just let him have what he wants.

  1. There is emotional distance

Whatever be the stage of your relationship, you can easily tell about when your man is feeling emotional distant. You will sense that something is wrong, maybe he does not initiate sex or talks less or anything. When men want something and do not know how to ask for it, they shut down. Give your man some space.


Source –  Tumblr

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