7 Signs That Shows You Are Secretly A *Lazy* Person!

You love your bed and your morning starts when the afternoon strikes; you are even then too innocent to get out of your bed. What a fun life!!  The lazy bug in you has hit you so hard that you do not wish to get out of this zone. Here are a few signs showing you are secretly a lazy person.

  1. When you are always tired

When you wake up with a dialogue like “bohot thak gaye!!” and others are like “Really!!” You are always tired for anything. Even eating your favorite pizza makes you feel tired.

  1. When you do not get out of bed

You have that super power to stay in your bed 24*7. You do not wish to move out of it. You will go to every awkward position to switch on the television while staying into your bed.

  1. When you believe in “I’ll do it tomorrow”

When “Aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so parso” is your favorite quote. You believe in hanging up things according to your comfort. You are always ready with ample of excuses to say “Will do it tomorrow.”

  1. When you put your work on others

You do not believe in working. You pass on your work on others. Remember the time when your mother asked you for something and you asked your little sister to do that.

  1. You react only when it is something too serious

Remember the times your mother asked you “beta, doodh boiling pe hai, dhyaan rakhna” and you were so lazy to stand there, near it and rushed to close the nob of stove only when you smell and hear the sound of boiled milk.

  1. When you have a fixed place to sit

You have one favorite corner of yours, be it on couch or in the bed. No one has the dare to move you even an inch from there except for the nature’s call but for that too you rush, when it is extreme urgency.

  1. Going out or changing is a nightmare

When your parents ask you to bring something from outside or to drop them somewhere and you are like “Damn!! Does that mean I will have to step out of my bed?” or you think “I will also have to change clothes, Shit!!”. This is like a big NO-NO for you. You pray that you are not asked to work.

Source : Giphy, tumblr

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