26 Little Things Girls Do Guys Find Damn Cute And Sexy!

By- Shreya Sharma

We love our partner unconditionally, but the standards set by society sometimes make us seem our partner to be one trouble. It is better we do not listen to the society so that we can have a happy healthy relationship with the one we love. And the same is with you, we mean your partner should also banish the standards set by society and should love you the way you are and for who you are. You have many more sexy and cute traits that probably others will never know. Here are 26 little things girls do that are damn cute and sexy to guys.

  1. Taking your dream literally

We know how our dreams always keep us on the edge. Guys love this trait in us.


  1. Rehashing

However a guy looks annoyed, but they love the way we want to solve an issue before moving on.

  1. Treating guys like kids

When guys get emotional, they just need some safe place and they love it when you become their safe place by playing the role of their mother.

  1. Putting guy in a lose-lose situation

Asking the questions which guys know are better not answered and they know not answering is also not healthy, so they prefer ending up the question with a hug that is a win situation for you.

  1. Being a self-claimed Queen

Guys love it when you feel like a queen; a kind, loving and generous queen. After all, they get to share the kingdom with you.


  1. Being the worst decision maker

This is not about all the bad decisions you make, it is about being indecisive. They love it when you trust them enough to make the decision and lead you.

  1. Dropping subtle hints and expecting from a guy to understand that

It is like a free training for guys to enhance their skills on understanding the subtle hints that will help them in a long run.

  1. Assuming a guy to be angry when they are just zoning out

Guys love it when you do not give up on them when they are zoning out. Sometimes, they are angry but have no clue of the aggression they have within them.

  1. Eating from their plate

They find it to be one cute act of love.

  1. Passive aggression

Guys love your passive aggressive way of inviting for the most romantic times. You being snarky and pouty is the great invitation for guys to get sexy with you.


  1. Sexually harassing a guy

They love your advancements.

  1. Talking during movie

It just shows that you love them enough that you cannot resist your urge to talk with them even in the movie.

  1. Getting the eyebrows done

Guys love the efforts you put in to look good for them. But they love you even without makeup.

  1. Treating sex as a gift for man

They love it how you see sex in such a beautiful way. They take it as a gift that we gift to each other.

  1. How girls treat on another

Every guy loves girls bond and for all the obvious reasons. They find girls fighting sexy, they find girls hugging sexy and you get the idea.


  1. Play-fight with another guy

Guys love to let you win in such situations.

  1. Getting mad when guys do not read between the lines

They find your anger cute and they know how to make up for this!

  1. Not knowing how to take compliments

They love the shy smile you have when you do not know how to act when someone compliments you.

  1. Fake tan or makeup

They love how you put efforts to look good for them and it gives them a chance to tell you how much they love you. But they love you anyway.

  1. Waking their guy in the morning

They just find it super cute to wake up in your presence.


  1. The pout you make

However weird it is, they find it super cute.

  1. Playing silly games

All those thumb fights and every other silly game you ever played makes your guy fall for you even more.

  1. Taking your period as a free pass to be an ass

They love it that you do not hold back and express yourself freely.

  1. Not knowing what you are asking for

Guys love it when you are confused and they come to your rescue to help you out.

  1. Not believing in themselves

They believe in you, understand your insecurity and the negativity around. They love it when you don’t see yourself as the incredible, lovable, warm, powerful woman that you are and they get to show you that’s exactly who you are.

  1. Hogging in the bed and then denying it

They love snuggle wrestle in the bed.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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