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11 Undeniable Signs He Is So *Proud* To Be With You!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being with a guy who does not acknowledge you in public and ignores you will make it hard for you to stay in the relationship. You should be with a guy who knows how lucky he is to have you in his life. He should be proud to have you in his life. Here are 11 super signs he is so proud to be with you and he admits it.

  1. He posts pictures with you

He is so excited to be with you, that you can find yourself on his social media accounts. He might just randomly post your picture or post a lot of pictures of you two together. He just wants to let the world know about what a lovely girlfriend you are.


  1. Officially in relationship on Facebook

Though it is not a requirement, but he wants the world to know about how lucky he is. This tells other ladies that he is off the game and committed to a wonderful girl like you. He knows that his friends might stalk your account, but he does not mind showing off your awesomeness.

  1. When you meet people close to him, they say ‘they have heard a lot about you’

You have met the people important to him, and they all say ‘I have heard so much about you’. This shows your boyfriend is proud of you. he has talked enough about you, that people feel they know you even before they meet you.

  1. You know his close friends

He loves you and wants his close friends to meet you so that they can know how amazing you are. This shows he is serious about you and your relationship.


  1. He talks positively about you

His positive comments about you can be understood when you meet the people in his life. If they have a positive impression about you, then chances are he talks positively about you when you are not around. It is a clear sign that he is proud of you.

  1. He mentions your name while talking on phone

When he is proud of you, he will not feel odd to take your name if he gets a call. He always says your name because the people who have called him already know about you.

  1. He is same always

He is cuddly when you are alone, and does not shy away from holding your hand when he is in public. He is not afraid of PDA because he loves you enough. He wants to show the world that you belong to him.


  1. The smile on his face shows that he is proud

He has a constant smile on his face when you two are together and this way anyone can tell how proud he is to have you. For him, you are wonderful and he is happy to be in a relationship with you.

  1. He is your constant support

He supports you through thick and thin. He is the first one to cheer you. He believes in your ability to succeed and he supports you always.

  1. He accepts you with your flaws

He knows you are a human being with imperfections. He’s seen your flaws and they didn’t make him run the other way. Instead, he chooses every day to stay because he’s proud of you and loves you in spite of your flaws.

  1. He remembers everything you tell him

You trust and love him and talk about everything that matters to you. He pays attention to every small or big issue you talk about. He talks about the issue later and is thoughtful enough because he loves you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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