15 Things Only Short Girls Will Understand!

“My height is not short, it is cute” if this is what you have been using in your defense then you can relate yourself to this article. Being a short height-ed girl myself, I present you the things that only we short height girls would understand.

  1. You are constantly teased because of your height but in a cute way.


  1. It is difficult for you to get things off from the highest shelf.


  1. You have to either use a ladder or step on the slabs to get the things down.


  1. It is difficult for you to adjust into a group selfie.


  1. The plus point is you can wear heels without any second thought.


  1. But even heels cannot help you much.


  1. You have to stand on your toe while hugging or kissing someone.


  1. It is difficult for you to shop as skirts become dresses for you and dresses become gowns.


  1. You have to struggle hard to adjust yourself in bathroom mirror.


  1. You always feel that you are sitting on a high chair.


  1. You have to adjust your car seat before driving.


  1. And you have been mocked enough that “How will your foot reach down.?”


  1. Sitting behind anyone is enough to hide you.


  1. You have to go to kids pools to swim.


  1. Your friends treat you like a baby.


Source : tumblr, Giphy

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