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High Heels And 13 Other Things I Want MORE Than *Boyfriend* In Life!

By- Shreya Sharma

Do you really want a boyfriend? You can have a long list of things to follow and pursue, then why to pray for a boyfriend. Be the girl with more dreams than just having a boyfriend. Once you have a boyfriend, you will realize that you want more from life than just a boyfriend. Here are high heels and 13 other things that I want more than boyfriend in my life.

  1. Self-confidence

I want to be so self-confident that as I enter the room, every eye is on my confident-charismatic personality. I do not want a man to tell me how pretty I look, or to make me feel good. I want to be filled the confidence that shows in my personality. I want to be motivated by more than through the external forces.


  1. A long and large bathtub!

I miss the time when I was small enough to lay down in the bathtub completely. Having a boyfriend is good, but having a bubble bath in the bathtub where you fit in completely is awesome and relaxing.

  1. Infinite night outs

I want to spend the night with my friends in those cute pajamas, playing stupid games, karaoke sessions, and pizza all night. When we grow up, we all are so busy with our schedule that it is hard to manage such nights. Having a boyfriend is good, but having the night out with friends is even better.

  1. A clear skin

I am not fond of makeup, but at times I have to do it. I want a flawless skin that I do not have to wear foundation or any other product ever on my face. It costs so much and stains almost everything I lay my face on.


  1. A resume that impresses everyone

Having a career is important more than having a boyfriend. Your career defines you and gives you an identity. I want a resume that can impress everyone and can show why I do not have time to deal with the boyfriend.

  1. A WI-FI connection solid enough

I want a strong WI-FI connection more than a boyfriend. Well, at the time when my WI-FI does not work that is the time I need someone to turn the router off and on for me.

  1. A pair of heels that fit in so well

I want a pair of heels that does not make me feel that I need to throw them off ASAP and wear my comfortable chappals or wear the bandage. I do not want my heels to give me blisters and bleeding feet.


  1. Perfect eyebrow

We all are worried about the shape of our eyebrow, thanks to our parlor wali didi because they somehow manage to pluck out the wrong hair. I want a perfect eyebrow that I do not have to fill in or shape in with the help of eyebrow pencil.

  1. To pay my loan easily

I wish paying loan was as easy as buying a pizza!

  1. A classy closet

A closet full of clothes, bags, footwear and accessories is what every girl dreams off. I want a closet that gives competition to any fashion designer or celebrity or fashion blogger.


  1. New episodes of my favorite TV series

We all have a favorite TV series that we do not wish to end and we even cry when we get to know that this is the last episode. I do not want my favorite TV series to end. I want more of it. I want new episodes.

  1. Dogs

I would prefer to skip date nights and spend time with dogs. I want lots of them. They are loving, caring and loyal which probably a boyfriend might not be.

puppy pc

  1. To have a purpose in my life other than boyfriend

I want to have a purpose in my life that is stronger than having a boyfriend. If I date someone, I would not forget to date myself because boyfriend may come and go. I want to put my energies into something that will last longer.  

  1. Vacations

I do not ever want to quit on the feeling of last-day-of-school before summer vacations. I want more of vacations to travel places. I do not want the boyfriend, I want to travel, go on water rides and beach rides. I want to have free tickets to fly over places.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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