17 Reasons You Gain Weight When You Have A Boyfriend!

By- Shreya Sharma

No not everyone in relationship gains weight, but yes there are some who tend to put on some weight when they have a boyfriend. Some people tend to feel that they have put on some weight as they have entered the relationship. It is not because you are lazy, it is because you feel content with what you have and stop putting in efforts. Here are 17 reasons you gain weight when you have a boyfriend.

  1. Emotions

If you eat more when you are emotional, then you will be high on emotions in the initial days of your relationship and you will munch in more.


  1. You grow comfortable

Being comfortable in your relationship is like a blessing; you are not worried about your impression. You grow so comfortable that you are no more concerned about hiding your love for chocolates or cheese.

  1. You become a bit lazy

You might be involved in certain activities initially, but later it all turns into reading together, watching the movie together or staying at home. And all the hours you spend cuddling up, you gain some weight.

  1. You eat more

In the initial days, you go out on dates and that usually involve eating out. The more dates, the more of eating out and the more you eat, the more you gain weight.


  1. You do not have to impress one another anymore

When you are in a relationship, you start to care about the one you love and stop worrying about how you look. You take a back seat and relax a bit.

  1. You eat what your partner eats

You might have different tastes in food, but now you share food and munch in together which can lead to some weight gain.

  1. They love your body

You should love your body more than anyone else. But it feels good that your partner loves your body the way it is. And this makes it easy for you to neglect your body.


  1. You might even eat when you are not hungry

When you are out on a date, you have to eat even when you are not hungry because your man wants to eat. You keep on munching and munching and munching which leads to weight gain.

  1. You might skip your workout routine

You can work out together, while there are some who just want to spend time together so they sacrifice their workout routine.

  1. Your man compliments you always

When you know that someone loves you, it takes off some pressure from you. It feels good to know that your man finds you beautiful even if you gain weight.


  1. Your relationship influence the way you eat

When you are happy in the relationship, you feel content and you eat more. You do not have the pressure to meet the standards set by society. If you are in an unhealthy and stressful relationship, you might eat more out of nervousness and sadness.

  1. Sharing food

You share shakes, dessert. Your man might bring you chocolates or your favorite food and this all can add up to you.

  1. You spend your weekends eating

As you prefer to stay at home cuddling, food has to be there.


  1. Your man can cook food for you

It is great if your man can cook, but sometimes what they cook is not so great for your health and that can make you gain weight.

  1. Get active together

You can easily shed weight by finding out ways to be active together. You need not hit the gym. Just go on a walk together.

  1. You care less about your weight

Your life is perfect and you feel perfect the way you are and you do not care about your weight.

  1. Workout together

Sex is a great exercise. Even if you gain some weight, you need not be ashamed because you are happy and secure.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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