10 Things Happen When You Make A Guy Your Whole World!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being in a relationship is all about fun, excitement, romance, love and sometimes some obstacles as well. You are so much in love with your partner that he has occupied your mind and you just wish to be with him all day long. A single moment with him can cheer you up for the whole day. You are so much in love with him that no one else can make you happy apart from him. But if this is your case, you might be in for some trouble. Here are 10 things that happen when you make a guy your whole world.

1. You forget your values

All you will acre about is your partner’s happiness and for that you will forget your values and beliefs. Just to make him happy and close to you, you will agree to the things that you according your values disagree. You are afraid of difference in opinion, arguments and disagreements because you know this could bring in differences.


2. You are prone to sadness

The times when he is not with you or could not make you a call, you are bound to get sad. The guy that you expect to be your sunshine can also be the reason of your sadness if their presence lowers in your life for any reason.

3. You over analyze everything

You are so much engrossed with him that you question what he says and do. If he is not in for dinner, you will start over analyzing situation to understand the reason for his behavior and may even come up with some negative ideas. You will take it as an end of your relationship and will start crying.

4. You will always feel something missing

You will always feel something missing and some space in your heart. You would be happy around him; still you will feel that something is missing there. And this is because you have given him so much importance that you have stopped looking for your needs and wants.


5. You will be unintentionally pressurizing him

Even if you will not be doing it on your own, you boyfriend will feel pressure to keep you in happy place because he knows you only rely on him for your happiness. It will exhaust him to keep you and your relationship happy.

6. Your happiness will be short lived

The moment you are apart, you will feel empty and unhappy even though you had the best date. You will start thinking about why you are feeling empty and sad. But the truth is that you are so much dependent on him that nothing else makes you happy.

7. You will start making distance from people

You may leave other people behind because you are so much into him and the happiness he brings into your life. Just to spend the maximum of time with your partner, you will start to distance yourself from your family and friends making excuses. Initially they may fight with you and try to make you understand things but later they themselves will drift away from you.


8. You will not understand what matters to you

When you reply on someone else for your happiness, you lose your sight for your own goal and values. And you will slowly realize that you have the lost your ability to dream and choose goal for yourself. You will realize that you have lost your source of happiness.

9. Your relationship will hit rough patches soon

With your this behavior and making him your central of world, it is bound to make him feel suffocated and you will feel misunderstood. And you will not be able to reach a conclusion then.

10. You will never make it work

A relationship that is based around only one partner’s happiness is not going to have a long run. You may find yourself fighting to stay in it. Eventually you will learn never to place your own happiness in the hands of another individual. After all, self-love is the best kind of love.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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