5 Ways On How To Tackle Your Boss!

By- Shreya Sharma

Boss can be real pain in your ass. Their ever demanding nature does not let you breathe a single breath in peace. They expect you to work like a robot and follow each and every command of their. But the fact is no body can work like a robot.  Here are some ways to tackle your boss.

  1. Speak up

It is necessary to break the silence. Talk to your boss about your problems you are having in a calm, polite and professional manner. You should carefully plan what you will say.

  1. Work with your boss, not against him or her

Working against him or her will infuriate them and your working life will become much of a trauma for you. It is far better to help your boss in achieving goals that are eventually beneficial for you and the company.

  1. Keep track of all of your interactions

It is better to keep track of all the interactions you had with your boss. It will help you earn brownie points from him/her. This way you will be efficient as well.

  1. Do not bad mouth your boss

You should avoid saying anything negative about your boss to anyone. This will build a positive image of yours. Remember that you want to look like one agreeable person who gets along with everyone, not like a crank who i always complaining about everyone in the office.

  1. Anticipate problems before they happen

It is very important way to improve your relationship with your boss. Watch out future problems and try to work on them before something blows up. If you know a co-worker is going to introduce a major problem in office meeting, you can talk about that problem in advance.

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