16 *Stupid* Things You Should Avoid Saying To Newlyweds!

By- Shreya Sharma

Sometimes, it is hard to say what we want to say, and then there are times it is hard for some people to shut their mouth before saying something really strange and stupid, especially to the newlyweds. Some people may say it just for the sake of fun, but you need to understand that they got married not to answer your stupid questions. Here are 16 stupid things you should avoid saying to newlyweds.

  1. “You are going to miss your single life”

Dude! They got married because they wanted to spend the rest of their life with their spouse.


  1. “You will turn into ‘Joru ka Gulam’!”

Husbands are not Joru Ka Ghulam; they are smart enough to understand when to say yes to their wife and compromise.

  1. “You will know the real relationship after honeymoon period”

Thank you for the statutory warning. True that the initial time of your relationship is spending in knowing each other and building your bond, but the rest depends on how you keep your relationship.

  1. “Ahem Ahem! Tell me about your sex life!”

Hello, you are not in the BFF category to ask me this question. It is perhaps better than yours; else you would not have poked your nose.


  1. “Beta, ab to dada dadi bna do jaldi”

Are we kids producing factory? Is this the only reason we got married, so that you can become grandparents?

  1. “You will be changing your surname?”

Why does it bother you? It is totally her choice to stay with the surname she had since forever or to change it the day she gets married.

  1. “Bohot kharcha hua hoga na Shaadi me”

Are you going to pay her for all the expenses? You had fun. Now, stay quiet.


  1. “No more fun now, you are married”

Their joy ride has just started. They will enjoy the highs and work on the lows.

  1. “Do not you think you will get bored of him in just one year?”

Do you think you need to be punched in the face? If you think you cannot spend your life with one person that is your problem.

  1. “Do not you wish to be unmarried?”

Do not spoil their fun by showing off that you are single. They do not care and do not need such negativity around them.


  1. “Are you not scared of divorce?”

They are smart enough to not get affected by the divorce rate because they understand that everyone has their own reasons.

  1. “How is your married life going?”

Bohot achi. Aapki?

  1. “Now everything will change for you”

Right now, all they will wish to change is you. Nothing really changes. You just add new people to your life.


  1. “You could have done all this in your wedding”

Keep your critical comments with yourself, because you end up in a position where you can see the stars.

  1. “Are you planning to have kids?”

That is our call. How are you to ask or decide?

  1. “I am sad, we will not see each other often”

True, that after marriage it is hard to get to hear from your friends. But if you are important, they will make time for you.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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