Sex In The Shower – 9 Things You Need To Know!

By- Shreya Sharma

Shower sex is not as easy as it looks. Though this is one hell hot idea to get intimate but you got to be little too careful. It is not what it looks like in the movie. There will be water running down on your body and face. The floor will be slippery and the walls will be too cold. Balancing a perfect position will be hard because it will be water everywhere. It requires hard work to have a sexy shower time together. Here are 9 things you need to know before you have sex in the shower.

  1. Being wet is nothing to worry about

There is water in the shower and that is sexy. If you are worried about your hair and face getting wet, then forget the idea of having shower sex because it will get things more awkward. The point of having shower sex is to get wet and have sex while being wet.


  1. Maintain the temperature

It can be bad if you are having sex under warm water and when you step out of it, it is freezing cold. Shivering when you are doing the act is going to kill your mood. Make sure the atmosphere is balanced.

  1. Stay away from soap

Before trying any sex move, it is better you rinse yourself clean of any soap and keep the soap aside to avoid slipping on or with your partner. The shower is already slippery; do not make it too hard for yourselves.

  1. Keep gravity in mind

There is a danger of falling over while having shower sex. Try to use shower around when you are having sex. Hold on to the ledge or bathtub edge. Lean on things that are sturdy enough to hold your weight and action.


  1. You can sit down

If you are not flexible, then you can opt to sit down and have sex. Wherever there is enough space, sit down.

  1. You are not in a music video

You need to accept that it is going to be ugly, clumsy and you need a lot of core strength. Relax and enjoy.

  1. Do not bang hard

Go easy on shower sex because if you fall it can lead to some bad injuries. Keep in mind that it is slippery, there are sharp edges and you can easily fall down. Go from normal to medium bang speed when you are in the shower.


  1. Quit when you want

No one will judge you if you quit shower sex because it is going to be between you two only. You can do it in other places in your house.

  1. Be flexible

When you have sex in the shower, you are usually two people with different heights who are trying to make their genitals meet and fit. You need to be creative with your flexibility. Touch your toes, lift one leg over your partner’s shoulder, try and hold yourself anyhow.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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