Plan For Running? 10 Things You Should Know To Lose Weight!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you want to lose weight or stay healthier, you need to wonder if running will be helpful to you or not. And running can actually help you. There are few ways running can play on your mind and body and can help you attain your goal.  Here are 10 things you should know to lose weight.

  1. Learn about your heart

Consult your doctor before you start running, so that you know your heart is healthy enough. And if you have one healthy heart, go running.


  1. Prepare yourself mentally

Once you have made the decision to run, make a mental commitment because that will help you to enjoy running. It won’t be easy, but your mind will motivate you to do it.

  1. Pick a destination

You can use this yoga trick; pick a point in the distance, and focus on getting there. Then after that, choose another point and get there. The distance point you are focusing at can really help you.

  1. Drink water

Once you are done with running, nothing will taste better than cool water. Add drinking water to your routine. You can add a little lemon, lime or orange to add some flavor. Drinking water can help your health and keep you hydrated for running.


  1. The streak motivation

Once you have run for ten days in a row, you will not wish to break the streak because you want to see how long you can go without skipping a day.

  1. Food= fuel

Once you start running, you will look at food as your fuel. You will start scrutinizing everything you eat as good fuel and bad fuel. And you will avoid the bad food like greasy and heavy food stuff because your body will know what it wants.

  1. Sleep

People who sleep are good at getting and maintaining a healthy body weight. And running will help you sleep better.


  1. Accountable people

If you have your friends to run with, or you see same people every day on your running track, then you will have a sense of accountability which will motivate you to run.

  1. You have a competition with yourself

You will always feel motivated to break your own record. You will feel good competing with yourself.

  1. Compete with others

While running, consider the person you come across as your competitor.


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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