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15 Silly Fights Every Couple Has In Their Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

In your courtship period, people usually assume it is all about love and romance, but this is the time when you actually have some disagreements. Fights are a part of love. We all have heard “Ladne se pyar badta hai”. When you are in a long-term relationship, there are a lot of issues you fight over. So, from the time you start to date to the time you actually date, there are varieties of issues every couple fight over. Here are 15 silly fights every couple has in their relationship.

  1. Argument over toilet seat

It is one big issue in the relationship when despite thousand reminders you male partner never put down the toilet seat.


  1. Not returning the call when he said he will

It really pisses you off when your man does not return the call even when he said that he will call you back in a while.

  1. Disconnecting the call while talking

You both were angry and said some hurtful stuff and then your man just hung up the call. And this will never end the argument.

  1. Talking with a friend of opposite sex

We all feel jealous when our partner pays attention to someone from opposite sex. But why to worry when you are in a healthy relationship?


  1. Family issues

There will be no end to the argument of his family vs yours. There will be no conclusion to it, so better not to pick this fight.

  1. About the bed and blanket

And you will have leg fights while sleeping and verbal fights being awake about who takes the most of the bed and blanket.

  1. About switching off the light

It is when you both are super comfortable in bed and wants the lights to be off. But who us going to get out of the bed!


  1. The relationship status fight

You have changed your relationship status on Facebook as “in relationship” but he is still “single” or “it’s complicated” and that is when the fight happens.

  1. The profile picture fight

This is when he does not change his profile picture into a couple picture of you two.

  1. Anniversaries fight

Your man may not always remember the anniversaries and this is one big reason to fight about.


  1. Friend vs me fight

You both blame each other’s friends for all your fights and every dispute. Spending more time with your friends can be one big issue in your relationship.

  1. The time to get dressed up

When we have to go on date, we take a little more time than usual to look our best, but this can mean that your partner will have to wait for you and this can put their mood off.

  1. The number of calls in a day

If your partner fails to call up or receive your call when you wanted to talk with him, then this can lead to troubles in your paradise.


  1. Comparisons

You should avoid comparisons at all. Do not compare your partner with your friends, parents, ex or anyone. It can make your relationship weak and bring more fights.

  1. Intimacy issues

While your partner may love to explore the physical intimacy, you might be a little rigid over this. This could become a bone of contention between the couple.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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