10 So-True Reasons Why Your Life Is Boring Right Now!

By- Shreya Sharma

Are you in the phase of your life where you feel bored with everything? Nothing pleases you and you just wish to get away from your normal, monotonous life. You look out for ways to get out of this boredom. The movies excite you and travel plans wish you to go in for the adventure but then you are too laid back or too busy or someone does not allow you. Here are 10 so-true reasons why your life is boring right now.

  1. People ask you to hang out and you say NO

You know in past few months you had many reasons to turn down your friends invite. Sometimes it was cold, other times it was too far or sometimes you were just not feeling social. This habit of yours has made your life boring.

i am busy

  1. You have not had sex since long

Your mind and body is bored because you have not had anything exciting done with your body. Your hormones and reproductive organs have dried out, which actually motivate you to do various actions. Go get some food for your body; your brain will be thankful to you.

  1. “To change your clothes” is one reason

Your life becomes exciting when you actually step out of your comfort zone. Staying in your pajamas and thinking your life is boring and nothing exciting is happening, sure nothing would ever happen.

  1. You have not travelled anywhere since forever

Your friends are posting pictures from various holidays and destinations and you are sitting at your home, looking at those pictures and hating them because they have the freedom and money to travel. Budget your money for travel instead of splurging them on not-so-required things.

drive alone

  1. You have let yourself go

You have let go of yourself physically, emotionally and mentally. You have stopped doing things that you used to love and thus you feel bored. It is your fault as it is killing your productivity and creativity.

  1. You fail to make plans

The person who is having plans for this Saturday night is better than you because you have no plans. That person picked up the call and accepted the proposal to hang out with people which you failed. You did not initiated with a plan because of the fear of rejection and now you are alone and bored.

  1. You have become boring

It’s been time that you tried something new, or joined a club, or go on date or took up some hobby. You are bored because you say NO to everything instead of saying a YES.  And now you have nothing to talk about on date and no people to go out with.


  1. You consider yourself above the activities

You are so done with the things like dating, going to bars and travelling that you now sit in your room and get bored. You feel you are too mature for all this.

  1. You have made internet your world

You are so much on internet that you have forgotten about the real world. You are so occupied scanning Instagram, Facebook and Netflix that you often forget the real people around you. We all are guilt of this. Put your phone aside and go outside, your life might become more exciting.

  1. You do not want to do things alone

You do not have someone to travel with so you do not travel. You do not know anyone in party so you skipped the party. You just do not want to do things alone and prefer staying in your shell. This is easy but this is one easiest way to get bored.

alone time

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