10 Things Couples In Their Healthy Relationship Do!

By- Shreya Sharma

Being in a healthy relationship is like choosing happiness forever. We all lure for those “together forever couples”, the ones that stick around forever, the ones whose PDA seems cute and eye-pleasing and the ones whose stories we cannot stop sharing. Being a healthy couple does not mean all the roses and petals and love, it means staying in love and feeding understanding and dealing with arguments together. Here are 10 things couples in their healthy relationship do.

1. They manage time for one another

Take time each day for one another. Sometimes when in relationship, we feel secure enough to put their relationship in back seat and focus on other things. Giving time to each other and spending time together, doing new things and exploring new places bring you both in a happy place.

couple bed

2. They constructively handle their disagreement

Share your inner experience of the situation with your partner rather than talking about only your needs in an argument. Instead of saying “Be on time from office” say “I get worried when you are late”

3. They accept differences

Being two individuals, you are bound to have difference and there comes communication problem in accepting those differences. Initially you get to finish each other’s sentences but to make your relationship work create a safe space where you can be your authentic self and accept each other’s differences.

4. You can have deep tough conversation

Lay guidelines to have deep conversation like you cannot interrupt one another before your partner completes their opinion about the topic in hand. Maintain your calm in those deep conversations.

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5. They work as a team

When you are unhappy about something in your relationship, it is easy to point out finger at your partner and their faults. To be in healthy relationship, you got to work as a team instead of pointing thing and blaming things on one another.

6. They work on being more mindful partner

To have difficult conversation, it is necessary you take responsibility to be calm and composed. You both meditate together to lower down your stress level to calm down. Use the ways and techniques to calm down rather than escalating the argument.

7. They appreciate one another and try to connect in new ways

They support their partner in their achievements and support them with their goals. They look out for ways to connect with one another like going on trips etc.


8. They act as support system for each other

They are always there with their partner at their family or official events. They actually listen to their partner’s stories, ask questions and give advice when asked for. They try to bond with their partner’s friends and family.

9. They balance time between partner and friends and hobbies

Having friends outside relationship and doing hobbies that you love adds to your life and gives you meaningful stories to share with your partner. To be in a healthy relationship, you need to understand the importance of balancing things and having couple time.

10. They manage to keep the romance alive

They focus on being generous with small gifts, compliments and surprises. They know how to develop that urge for one another from time to time.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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