15 Fastest Ways To Get Over Him And Move On!

By- Shreya Sharma

Relationships are bliss and breakups are hell. It is hard to forget the one who made us feel so many emotions altogether. You are left heartbroken and shocked with so many surreal memories. You know how good things were, you know how people found the best couple in you and now, this all just vanished into thin air. Your mind will trick you will all pleasant memories making it even more hard to get over the guy you loved so much. Here are 15 fastest ways to get over him and move on.

  1. Do not hold your emotions

If you want to cry, just cry, cry for the entire day. Holding your emotions will make things worse for you. They will haunt you if you do not let them go. Let it all out for a day because you need to hold yourself together later.


  1. Discard all their belongings

Throw them, return them or burn them. Do not keep anything that will remind you of him. It will make you feel better.

  1. Avoid romantic movies

You might just choose to watch a romantic movie and feel that you will not get this kind of love and cry. But it is better to avoid it. These movies are not realistic but will sure make you call your ‘ex’ crying.

  1. Delete and unfriend

Delete everything you have that belongs to him because you both are over now. Delete his number, your pictures and unfollow him on social media.


  1. Keep yourself busy

When you are free, you will have time to think about your ex that will make you miss him. So keep yourself busy with your job and hobbies and friends that you do not get a second to think about your ex.

  1. Do the things he disliked

Do the things that your ‘ex’ hated and you will love this therapy.

  1. Do not stay alone

Being alone will remind you of your ex and how much you enjoyed his company. So, plan your day in a manner that you have least amount of time to be alone.


  1. Revamp your apartment

If you two spent a lot of time at your apartment, it will make you miss him. So, rearrange the place so that it has a new look and feel that will not make you think of him.

  1. A haircut

Having a new look is like you have something new in your life. You start to feel like a new person. So, get your hair chopped.

  1. BFF shoulder

There will be so many things to complain and vent about, so go to your BFF and do it. Call them up and tell them what happened. Burn his belongings and plan a girl’s night out with your BFF.


  1. Pamper yourself

Utilize your time and pamper yourself. Go to spa sessions, shop, eat at a fancy restaurant or take a bubble bath or anything. Make yourself feel good and you will realize you do not need a man.

  1. Pick up a challenge

Pick up a hobby that is challenging and will make your think and work. Learn a new language, try to draw or anything. These take time and concentration, and thus you will not think about your ex.

  1. Hit the gym

Since now you have so much of free time, so you can hit the gym. This way you will be busy, endorphins pumping will make you feel happy, increase your confidence and you will look amazing.


  1. Flirt

This isn’t easy to do post-breakup because you’re feeling down and not very good about yourself. However, if you get out there and flirt with some attractive guys, it’ll definitely help you figure out how to get over your ex-boyfriend. It builds your confidence and makes you focus on other potential partners.

  1. Get a pet

If you can get a pet, then it is a great way to get over your ex. When you have a company and someone to look after, you will not think about your ex. plus you have someone to cuddle with whenever you want.


Source –  Tumblr

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